The 5 Best Apps for GRE Prep

The 5 Best Apps for GRE Prep
The 5 Best Apps for GRE Prep

Apps for test prep are revolutionary for college students for two reason. First, technology is now a regular part of learning and one that students are comfortable with. Second, students are busy! An app makes it possible to squeeze valuable study time in where a prep textbook or course would not be viable, whether that’s during slow hours at a work-study or that hour between two classes. Picking a GRE app is more important than downloading a new game, and you want to make the right choice out of all the options out there. This list will point you in the direction of five of the top GRE prep apps that will put what you need to work towards your goal score at your fingertips.

1.The Official GRE Guide 

This app should immediately stand out as a product of the Educational Testing Services. Coming right from the GRE’s test makers, this app includes an overview of the exam to give students a full understanding of what they can expect on test day.

The Official GRE Guide has the most authentic questions for verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. All questions are complete with detailed explanations that aid full understanding and mastering of material. Analytical writing is covered by issue and argument tasks with sample responses and scoring. These features all come with the starter pack and are priced at $4.99. 

An in-app extension pack comes at $19.99 and features 125 additional verbal reasoning questions, 125 additional quantitative reasoning questions, 4 additional analytic writing tasks, a GRE math review, and mathematic conventions.

2. Manhattan Prep GRE Study App

The Manhattan Prep is a trusted name in test prep and now, their content is conveniently packed in an app to take anywhere you go. 

The free version is great to try out Manhattan Prep’s content and services before putting any money down. For completely free you can study with a limited number of practice questions and basic progress metrics. If you want to upgrade your Manhattan Prep GRE Study App, you can do so for as little as one month or up to one full year. The full access app includes over 1000 practice questions with answer explanations, over 1000 vocab words, practice quizzes, an overview of all GRE sections, and more detailed progress metrics to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. 

A great component of this app is that it is customizable to the student and what they feel they need. Questions and flashcards can be labeled “know” and “don’t know” to filter out which skills you want to keep working on.

3. GRE Prep by Ready4

GRE Prep by Ready4 has a lot of free content and interesting features to keep prep interesting and help students plan for the next steps after their GRE.

In this app you will find GRE review material in the form of lessons that take you through GRE concepts step-by-step. For practice, students have access to hundreds of practice questions with answer explanations, and flashcards. Throughout all your practice Ready4 tracks your performance for strengths and weaknesses which you can review and use to improve.

Ready4 also helps students by predicting their GRE scores. Your score prediction is then put into a School Matcher which will find schools that match your goals and background. A Top School List also allows you to look over hundreds of graduate programs and their average GRE score. 

This app includes a great review and helps students plan for the graduate school application process!

4. GRE Prep by Varsity Tutors 

GRE Prep by Varsity Tutors stands out among competitors as being completely free to students and offering a lot of helpful content!

Students who use this app can study with content review, practice questions, and flashcards. This app can be used for quick study sessions or to take full-length practice and diagnostic exams. Practice questions are available for all GRE sections and topics. Each diagnostic test is reviewed to give the student feedback on their general score and mastery of concepts. The app includes pre-made flashcards and the ability to add your own to customize studying.

 All these features make for a well-rounded and considerably individualized prep for being free of cost. 

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5. GRE Test Prep by Galvanize 

GRE Test Prep by Galvanize works closely with each student by predicting their GRE score, tracking their progress and exam readiness, and providing practice questions created by top graduate school alumni.

For free you can access Galvanize’s hundreds of practice questions with answer explanations, performance tracking, and timed practice tests. This review uses a range of questions types to give students practice with all questions they may see on their GRE. Not only is your performance on practice tracked in accordance with your target score, but the app can also show your performance in comparison to the average student. This app offers a full GRE review and works closely with the student as they advance through.

And the upgraded version is available for an in-app purchase. A unique and interesting feature available when you upgrade is the ability to study with other students who use the app. This can be motivating and fun!

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