The 7 Reasons Why People Play Online Slot Games


The online gambling industry has become more popular than ever in the last decade. Every online casino site provides a variety of classic casino games, from blackjack to poker. However, one type of online casino game seems to garner more attention from players than others, and that is the online slot game.

An online slot game works very much like its real-world counterpart. The player must place a wager and spin the reels. The reels will stop, and the player will win a prize if they manage to line up a certain number of identical symbols across a pay line. With so many other online casino games available, why should you give online slot games a try? Let’s take a look.


As you can tell from the description above, online slot games are extremely simple. While each type of slot may offer a few extra bonus stages, the core gameplay will always remain the same. This means that you know exactly what you are getting into every time you start a game.

This simplicity makes it easy for new players to jump in, and experienced players to stay engaged. Anything too complicated can be off-putting, especially if there is money involved. Therefore, anyone new to the world of online gambling will have a better time starting with online slot games.


The stakes in a casino game refer to the size of the bet you must place to enter the game. The larger the stakes, the more you stand to win if you are successful. However, you also stand to lose this large wager if you fail to meet the criteria for the game. Gambling is a game of risk, which is why many people choose not to engage in the activity.

You will certainly find high-stakes games at sites like Jackpot Casino. Their online slot games offer an entry point for new online casino players. Many online slot games accept a minimum bet of 1C, and even the more challenging games start their betting range at 20C. Of course, you can always bet more once you are more comfortable, but the low-stakes nature of online slots makes it easier for newer gamblers to start a game.


The description above that details how online slots work is very accurate. However, you will also find that this simple method can change depending on what type of slot game you play. The stakes are likely to change with every game. Know that the number of reels available and the type of symbols. Therefore, you will never find two slot games that are the same.

A slot with fewer reels is going to be more difficult as there are fewer opportunities to win, whereas a game with different types of symbols may reward you in another way. This means that you are likely to find a slot game that suits your playstyle, no matter what type of casino game you enjoy.


On the topic of variety, you cannot talk about online slot games without mentioning the themes. Online slot developers need to be very creative when designing their slot games. The basic reel structure and menu on a computer screen aren’t that inviting to new players, which is why so many developers choose to theme their online slots. 

These themes range from swashbuckling pirate adventure to classic fruit-based slots. Developers can implement parts of the gameplay and graphics to enhance this theme, and you will always find that the games’ symbols reflect the style in some way. Again, this range of themes means that you will struggle to find two online slot games that are alike. What’s more, some developers choose to offer branded slot games. This means that you can also find online slots that are based on your favourite movies and T.V shows.


As much as you may find slot games with all sorts of themes, you will also find that there is a technical side to this type of casino game. Slot games are a game of chance, which means that you cannot guarantee that you are going to win. However, you can get an idea of how successful you are likely to be based on the slot’s stats.

Every slot game comes with two key stats that serious players will always pay attention to. These are the RTP rate and the variance. RTP rate stands for the return to player rate. This stat will represent how much of your overall deposit will be returned throughout the game, and it is usually calculated across one million spins of the slot game. For example, a game with an average RTP rate of 96% is likely to pay out £96 if you deposit a total of £100.

The second key stat is variance. This stat determines what type of pay-out you are likely to receive on a spin. For example, a low variance slot will not form wins often; however, the winning amount for each pay line will be higher. A high variance slot will form wins regularly, but these wins will be small. As you can see, slot players can look at these stats to determine what type of slot they are playing and manage their bets using this information.

Bonus Features

The core gameplay in a slot game is the most engaging part; however, there is more than this type of game can offer. A key feature of online slot games is the bonus round. A game can include any number of bonus rounds, which are usually tied to the game’s theme. The bonuses are an additional game included within the main formula that you can play to try and win larger prizes. 

Some popular examples of a bonus round in a slot game include a set of free spins or a double multiplier for the next couple of spins. However, some developers get more creative with the idea, giving the player a chance to play a separate mini-game, such as fishing or even a shootout.


Convenience is a factor that is present in all online casino games; however, it still applies to online slots. The internet has given us a way to play online slots from the comfort of our own homes. All you need to do is log in to your favourite casino site, place your deposit, and start playing. There is no longer a need to wait around for a machine to become available or count out the exact change. Everything you need from a casino is available at your fingertips.

What’s more, the introduction of the smartphone offers you the chance to connect to and play online slots wherever you happen to be. You can play when on public transport or sit around and try to win money alongside your friends. The convenience of online slots cannot be understated, and this availability has allowed new players to try out gambling for the first time.


Slot games have always been a popular casino choice, but it seems that their popularity is only going to soar now that they are available to play online. There are hundreds of different varieties out there, and they are more accessible than ever. However, these are just a few reasons why you should play online slots. You will discover the rest when you give them a try for yourself.

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