The Benefits of Staycations


As countries across the world temporarily close their borders in a bid to halt the spread of coronavirus, tourism and leisure companies brace themselves for an inevitable drop in business for the foreseeable future. However, while countries themselves are preventing foreign travellers for now, as we start to recover local tourism and staycations will be the boost our economies need to start improving again. below in this article, we will cover the Benefits of a Staycation.

What is a Staycation?

Benefits of a Staycation
Benefits of a Staycation

The word staycation carries a dual meaning, in the US it means to stay locally, commonly in your own home or venturing nearby with no overnight stays. In the UK and other countries, the more common use of staycation is to take a holiday in your own country. The concept of a staycation is still a holiday but often a more cost-effective holiday when compared to travelling out of the country, especially long-haul.

There are no set ‘rules’ on what defines a staycation in regard to distance or length of stay, you might choose to treat yourself to a short weekend spa break in Glasgow for luxury facial treatments or spend a week road tripping through your neighbouring counties exploring your favourite historic locations.

What Benefits Do Staycations Offer?

Benefits of a Staycation
Benefits of a Staycation

For local economies, staycations are an excellent boost with tourists tending to favour boutique and independent shops over familiar chain names. As they have saved money on the travel part of their holiday, it’s also more common for staycation tourists to spend more locally then they would have abroad.

Staycations also remove some of the stress commonly associated with holidays, dealing with roadways or airports, planning excursions and accommodating the cost of eating out more regularly. They can also be comforting for people that struggle with other languages as there is often minimal or no language barrier to deal with. No time zones to cross means you can maximise the time spent ‘on holiday’ rather than losing a day to crossing over to a new time zone, this is especially apparent when travelling to a different continent.

Staycations can also help you discover a whole new side to your town when choosing to stay in your local area. Often we only get to experience our hometowns as a resident, we tend to miss historic or cultural locations and rarely get to engage in local stories and legends. After a while, our hometown can even feel lack-lustre as we only experience the negatives on a regular basis. Spending a weekend or a week as a tourist can help you fall back in love with your hometown and you might even discover your new favourite location that you didn’t know existed!

Aside from cheaper holidays, younger generations are backing climate change more strongly and air travel is already seeing a hit as the least economical method of travel with little change expected to relieve the environmental impact that airplanes have. This will see a rise in other methods of travel, such as rail and sea and potentially see an overall decrease in the distances people travel on average for a holiday.

The Downsides of Staycations

As with anything with numerous benefits, there does come some risk. Often when we go away on holiday, particularly to another country, it’s much easier to switch off and go into ‘holiday-mode’. Staycations mean you are closer to, or staying at home, with unhindered access to emails and ‘to-do lists’ that are harder to leave unattended when they are nearby.

Additionally, if you’ve let your employer know that you are intending to have a staycation, they might be more tempted to reach out to you for advice or information when normally, you’d be less contactable.

Staycations provide benefits to both the traveller and the town you choose to visit or stay in and until we know the impact the coronavirus spread is going to have, may be the safest option for you and your family at this time.

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