The Best Document Management Software of 2020


Document Management Software is a software through which your company stores and manages electronic documents. Managing documents can be hard and retrieving them is hectic. Instead of going through dusty files and rooms, Document Management Software allows the faster storage and retrieval of your documents within the blink of your eye. It can vary in size catering to a small audience connected through a network or a global audience requiring colossal processing. Not only the retrieval system is faster than the traditional method, but its security is really what’s impressable. It provides a central depository of digital documents and its retrieval when you need it. Incorporated with high security and easy to use, DMS offers convenience and faster service than its traditional counterparts. As many of the businesses wish to go paperless, they are opting for document management software to store, track and retrieve their days to continue their business.

Only Office:

Only Office is budget-friendly and entails the user to sign up for a free period of 30 days’ registration. After that, users can opt for monthly $2, $5 and $1 with 8GB storage for 1-2 users, 20GB 3-5users and 40 GB of storage for 6-10 users. Admins can also connect the only office to various services like Dropbox and Google Drive. The yearly subscription for only the office is very cheap against the services it offers.

The Best Document Management Software of 2020
The Best Document Management Software of 2020


Launched by Microsoft, Sharepoint doesn’t offer a trial version, but Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 allows access to 30 days’ trial version of Microsoft SharePoint Online. It has two plans, namely Plan 1 and Plan 2. Plan 1 is placed at $5 per month and Plan 2 at $10. You would expect everything from Sharepoint as you would expect from a Document Management Software with additional features added to Plan 2. The trial version that can be accessed through Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 comes with 50 GB storage for thirty days. 


If you’re interested in working faster and more efficiently while still using secure and legally binding electronic signatures, Signaturely has your back! Many businesses are struggling to sign documents seamlessly which is where Signaturely comes into play: signing documents online has never been easier and faster and in order to start you don’t even need a credit card! Create your free account and get your documents signed today.

Adobe Document Cloud:

Mobile responsive, the leader in PDF space, Adobe Document Cloud comes with a $12.99 per month tariff. Adobe is a powerful software that can be used by small businesses standardizing gin PDF and tracking documents. You can subscribe to Adobe on your own or Adobe creative cloud. With no free trial, it comes with two plans $12.99 and $22.99. The professional version costs $14.99 and $24.99 for a month.

Content Central by Ademero Software:

Content Central is a Document Management Software for faster retrieval of documents allowing companies to store their documents and use as well as create their guidelines for storage of the data. The software allows the user to view the history of documents and retrieve even the last edit of the document. However, there’s no free trial version, and it can be availed every month. It’s a total solution to create and store business information and electronic documents. 

Rubex by eFileCabinet:

Rubex starts at $15 per month allows mid-size business share and maintain their documents and maintain their files. It also keeps the record and retrieval of documents and provides information about what changes were made to a particular document and who made it. It has currently two plans with $15 per month and $30 per month. The former plan comes with 25GB and 1TB storage. The business plan is for $55 with a storage allowance of 5TB.

PandaDoc :

Pandadoc starts pricing at $9 per month and also offers a free version as well as comes with a free trial. It has unlimited signatures that don’t require specialized hardware while signing them. PandaDoc was founded in 2013 and is one of the preferable choices as far as public choice is concerned.


Many companies are choosing to go paperless given the advent in technology, and several of the companies are already picking up with the usage of Document Management Software. The highly secured data and reliability of the DB are what have driven newer companies to Document Management Software, which not just offers the security of data but also provide tracking and easy retrieval of the documents. Companies create data every single moment, and they need it every other second. Data Management Software fulfills the dream of being reliable, accurate, faster and paperless at the same time.

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