The best single player PC games


Even though it can be fun to play multiplayer games, sometimes you just feel like immersing yourself in a great single-player game. Fortunately, there are plenty of single-player PC games that are worth your time and effort. 

This article will list some of the best single-player PC games and it should help you make up your mind. Each of these games is great in their own way and they will keep you glued to your monitor for hours on end. Most of these games are cheap too, so you don’t have to spend a considerable sum when getting them.

Elden Ring

It should come as no surprise that this game has made its way onto this list. Before its release, the consensus was that there was a very slim chance of the Dark Souls Formula being refreshing enough to captivate players. However, that is exactly what happened.

The gameplay is quite similar to titles previous developed by this studio, but everything was refined to make this version almost perfect. As for the game itself, you will come across a horse that accompanies you on a journey that should last for up to 50 hours—making the experience extremely fulfilling.

The setting of the game was co-created by George R.R. Martin (who most people will rightly know from the A Song of Ice and Fire books and Game of Thrones TV show). Even with this, the game still bears most of the hallmarks of a FromSoft game.

God of War

It is no wonder that many people regard God of War as one of the best games ever. There was a time when it was exclusively available on PS4, but now, this fan-favorite can also be played on PC. So, put on your gaming desktops and get lost in the world of Kratos.

In this newer version, you will play as an older Kratos whose main aim is to bury his wife and train his son Atreus. However, Norse gods make life more complicated for him by meddling. If you’re an adventure games lover, this particular game will be perfect for you. 

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

This game might have been released almost 7 years ago, but it remains as ageless as ever. For anyone who hasn’t played it, it is a terrific role-playing game with a lot of captivating side quests that are even better than the main quests of other games. 

Its combat system is pretty satisfying and it combines elixirs and signs with swordsmanship. When Geralt of Rivia isn’t killing monsters, there is Gwent and other fun activities he can engage in. It is recommended that you get the Game of the Year edition as it includes Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions. These will increase the hours of gameplay.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gives players the opportunity to become Vikings embarking on epic adventures. There’s no doubt that it is one of the best single-player PC games at the moment—and arguably the greatest Assassin’s Creed ever made. You will use Eivor most of the time during the game, and the adventures waiting for you are fun and exciting.

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