The Biggest Debate On Analog Pedals vs Digital Processors – What Should You Buy in 2019?

Analog Pedals on Digital Processors
Analog Pedals vs Digital Processors

Analog Pedals Vs Digital Processors: If you are new to buying any effect units, then you might come across different suggestions on going for individual analog pedals or to buy a digital affect units. Hence, you might get confused on which one exactly to choose. Both serves different purposes. The analog pedals a pure raw sound that you can manipulate as your need, whereas digital sounds are predefined which has limited tweaks to it. To give answers to all of these questions, here we have the answer for analog pedals vs digital processors

What Does Artist Choose?

If you are influenced by Great Musicians like Joe Satriani, then you might definitely go for pedals. But, if you are into new-age metal, then Digital Processors if what you might prefer. But, it is really important for you to know that most of these artists are paid to use these products. On the other hand, these products are quite expensive. 

For example, Joe uses high-end tube amps that help to amplify his sound. Also, he extra high gain pedals along with 2 noir gates that helps to reduce the buzz and give you a clear sound. 

On the other hand, bands like Periphery used Digital Processor like AxeFX which cost more than $1000. 

Therefore, we suggest you to first identify your sounds. In fact, you will find a lot of tutorials on how to sound like a pro in cheap. 

Analog Pedals Vs Digital Processors Cost

This is what you should consider the most. That’s because you might regret for buying something wrong. 

If we consider analog pedals, then you might need more than 2 processors to get a decent sound. For example, you will need a distortion pedal, a delay pedal, a reverb, a gain pedal, and an expression pedal to generate one type of sound. Not only that, but you will have no option to switch between different sounds by just one click. On the other hand, buying all these pedals might be too expensive

Whereas going for a Digital Process, you might get an option to choose different sounds to buy just one unit which is just one tap away. Also, the amount that you will pay to buy one processor is far less than buying multiple analog pedals. Apart from that, you will also have to pay extra to buy custom pedalboards for guitars


After reading this, you might have got the idea that buying a pedal will be for those who need limited sound. But we still suggest you go for processors because that gives you a multiple options to choose for a lesser price. 

We would suggest to check for Line 6HD series or Boss Me 80, which is best in the market now. If you still have any doubts about this, we are happy to answer them. 

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