The importance of micro-coils in medical devices and sensors

The importance of micro-coils in medical devices and sensors
The importance of micro-coils in medical devices and sensors

Minimally invasive surgeries are gaining popularity as they provide better flexibility to doctors. below in this we will cover the The importance of micro-coils in medical devices and sensors.

It allows the doctors to continue medical procedures by limiting certain normal bodily functions in a better way and thus reduces the possibility of potential injury. Micro invasive surgeries are the latest addition to medical technology. Micro coils are the super tiny electrical conductor wires that are mainly used in miniature devices to transfer electromagnetic waves. Though manufacturing a normal coil is not a tough job, but manufacturing micro coils demands a lot of precision and state-of-the-art engineering technology because they are even 5 to 10 times smaller than human hair, and when you are up to preparing such microscopic component, you must need to possess a superb technological competence. The increasing demand for miniaturized devices has made micro coils and ultra-thin wires a vital requirement in medical equipment making. Manufacturing miniaturized devices require rich experience and knowledge along with the pieces of machinery that need to be prepared in-house. It is imperative that the machinery’s construction by the manufacturer is important since ultra-thin wires need extreme precision and accuracy.

Following are the reasons for which the demand for minimally invasive sensors is gradually increasing:

  • Increased reach: With the miniaturized sensors, doctors can even reach the inaccessible parts of the body and operate them as per the disease.
  • Cancer treatment: A major step in cancer treatment is the freezing and re-heating of tumor cells. And this has only become possible due to small-sized devices.
  • Durability: Implants within the body need to be present for a longer time. Micro-devices ensure that they use low energy and operate for longer durations.

Applications of medical sensors:

 Medical devices and sensors are being extensively used in therapeutic and diagnostics treatments. They are also used to monitor vital information from within the body, and the implants play a major role in the brain simulations. 

There is also a wider use of medical sensors in fields such as orthopedic and navigation. They also help in delivering drugs in the targeted location and tag them within the body to retrieve important information.

 Requirements for manufacturing the micro coils:

Manufacturing micro coils require a high level of seriousness and accuracy. As these coils are also used in medical equipment, so before coming to the market, they had to pass an array of physical and environmental tests, to reduce the chance of any possible mishap as much as possible. That is why there are a handful of companies around the globe who manufacture micro coils. 

Traceability is another important parameter during the manufacturing of the micro coils. By traceability, identifying the quarry of the material becomes easier. Special care also needs to be taken to ensure that traces are available for determining the maker of the device, date of manufacturing, and such types of other details. 

Traditional methods of joining two wires are not effective in the case of manufacturing micro coils. Because of their exposure to extreme heat, chances of chemical instability by oxidation, internal damage, and degradation in the connectivity, we cannot use traditional methods.

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