Castlevania 3 – The New Entrant To The Castlevania World


The Castlevania World

Castlevania is a video game series that was released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This video game series has many parts and spin-offs. Among them, the Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse was the third installment released on the NES.

The installment was released in 1989 in Japan by publisher Konami. This version sees a lot of changes as compared to the second installment. Players might find this game aligned more towards the first installment, which was a platform game.

The Castlevania 3 levels are non-linear, which means that players are given choices in different parts of the game. These choices will help the player direct the main character, Trevor, towards different paths. Depending on the game path the player chooses, the ending will also differ.

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Castlevania 3 Plot

The game is based in the year 1476 when Count Dracula starts to evade the whole of Europe with his army. To stop this, the church calls upon the Belmont family, who are vampire hunters. The family was exiled from Wallachia, Romania, due to a fear created by their immense superhuman power.

The attack from Count Dracula compelled the church to bring Trevor Belmont. In the Japanese version of the game, the character is named Ralph C. Belmondo. Trevor is currently the vampire killer whip wielder who will stop the attack on Europe.

Game Characters

The third installment sees three other characters that join the main character in the journey. The first character is Sypha Belnades, who is a sorceress. She can cast powerful magic spells but is weaker on physical power.

Grant Dynasty is the second character who is a pirate. He can change direction when in mid-jump and also climb on top of walls. Finally, Alucard is the third character who is Count Dracula’s son. He is a dhampir who can change into a bat and shoot fireballs.

Castlevania 3 Play Options

The Castlevania WorldYou can only choose one ally at a time to assist Trevor on the journey. When you choose one character, you need to abandon the others. This means if you are playing with Grant Dynasty and want to choose Alucard, you need to leave Grant Dynasty.

The game has a select option that helps you spiritually change between Trevor and the chosen companion. Here, you will see that the companion and Trevor will share only one health meter. If Trevor gets injured in the game, his companion will also see a decrease in the health meter when changed.

There will be different endings in the game, which makes it all the more interesting. Depending on which character you have chosen and the paths you have taken, the end will vary. You also have the choice to take no characters with Trevor through the game. This choice will also give you an alternate ending.

Castlevania 3 Gameplay

The Castlevania WorldCastlevania 3 has a non-linear format where you can take your character through different paths. These choices are both for the main character, Trevor, and the accompanying characters. You can see these choices after you finish the first level and are present in different game sections.

The game has a total of sixteen stages and has two blocks or routes. These blocks are further divided into different sections. In the second stage, you can choose any one character from the three. However, this is an optional stage that you may not take if you do not want any accompanying character.

Every route you take will have nine stages, and if you opt for the optional stages, you get ten stages in total. It is said that the upper route is easier as compared to the lower route.  Players who love challenges can try out the lower route, but amateur players might be better off with the upper route in the beginning.

Castlevania 3 Characters

You already know that there are a total of five characters in this game. Knowing some basic information about each of these characters will help in your gameplay.


  • Trevor C. Belmont – He is the protagonist of the game. Trevor belongs to the Belmont witch hunter family. The family was earlier exiled from the land due to the strength of their supernatural powers. He was called back to defeat Count Dracula.


  • Count Dracula – He is the lord of all vampires and started worshipping the Devil after this second wife died. In this game, he plans to take control over Europe and destroy everyone present.


  • Sypha Belnades – She is a sorceress/priestess who uses elemental magic. Sypha was sent on a mission to enter the demon castle of Dracula but was captured and turned to stone by Cyclops.
  • Grant Dynasty – Grant is a thief and rebel belonging to Wallachia. He wants to defeat Count Dracula but does not have the means to do so.
  • Alucard – Alucard is Count Dracula’s son and opposes his father. One way he showed this opposition was by changing his name.

The allies can be partnered with Trevor on this journey of overthrowing Count Dracula. Even though players have the option not to choose the allies, the combination could be stronger. 

Each ally has special powers that you could use in different situations. Depending on the game level you are playing, you can change the partner.

Summing Up

Castlevania 3 rom is a platform game that had taken the gaming world by storm. This version of the Castlevania series was one of the most sought-after versions. This is due to the enhanced gameplay and user-friendly interface. The version had many different changes that players found very attractive.

The game has four endings, and these are dependent on the characters and paths you take. You can try playing with different characters to check out the different endings. One common thing among these four endings is the start and closure.

After you see the ending, the game ends with the line, “After the fight, the Belmont name shall be honored by all people.”

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