How to Fix “The Remote Procedure Call Failed and did not execute” Error


In the network, there are several models available. The RPC uses the client-server network model. In the RPC which system wants the service is called a client and which system gives service that system is called a server.

The RPC is similar to the local procedure call where the RPC is following the synchronous operation so it needs that the client program is to be suspended till it gets the result from the server. Sometimes, we have more than one RPC at that time by using lightweight processes or threads. By using threads multiple RPC’s can use the same location, so all RPC’s working parallel. Sometimes we get the error the remote procedure call failed.

What is RPC(Remote Procedure Call)?

If there are several systems connect to the computer networks. The Remote procedure call (RPC) is one of the protocols used in the network if any program needs to communicate with another program in the network then the program raises a request to another program in the network. The program no need to know the details of the network for the request. By using RPC is mainly useful to request the other programs in the network. Sometimes this RPC call is also called a function call or subroutine call.

How Remote Procedure Call work

If the Remote Procedure Call is calling, then the client environment is suspended. The parameters of the client in the RPC are going to the server through the network. The server checks the parameters in the RPC call and executes the RPC call and sends the result back to the client in the network.

While executing RPC below steps can be happened.

1.The request program called as the client calls the client stub. This RPC is the same as a local call so parameters in the RPC are sent to the stack as normal.

2.Then the program client stub takes the parameters and packs those parameters into the message. Then using those parameters will make a system call to send the message. The procedure by which we pack the parameters is also called marshaling.

3. Now the requesting client’s operating system is forward the message from the requesting machine to the server machine.

4. Now the operating system in the server gets the parameters from the client in the form of packets and sends the parameters to the server stub.

5. Then the server gets those packets and unpacks them. We call this procedure unmarshalling.

6. Whenever the server procedure is complete then the server returns to the server stub. Then the result of the message marshaling. So the server stub sends the message to the client through the transport layer.

7. In the transport layer of the server it sends the message to the transport layer of the client system. The client transport layer sends this message to the client stub.

8. So client stub gets the message and unmarshal it. Now the RPC call is finish.

The remote procedure call failed and did not execute the error.

This error comes in any windows operating system versions like windows 7, windows 8, windows 10. RPC is used to give the connection of application between the two different systems in the network. Sometimes the users get this error. One of the occasions we get this error is misconfigured DPI scaling of display settings. Another occasion we get this error is the LocalState folder.

Solutions to solve the Remote procedure call failed

  • The default apps need to be changed
  • The local state folder content to be removed.
  • Windows Troubleshooter
  • The default DPI scaling to be set
  • Registry Editor.

1. The default apps need to be changed

This error we get by using the windows operating system default applications. We solve this error by changing the default applications.

  • Press on the start menu then click on the run dialog box
  • Type control panel in the run after clicking on the enter key.
  • Now we sort the elements in the control panel.
  • Click on Programs then click on Default programs then click on Set default programs.
  • If you face this problem with the windows media player.
  • Choose the preferred media player from the left pane.
  • Now choose to set this program as default.
  • Click on save to come out of this remote procedure call error.

2. The local state folder content to be removed

  • 1. Click on My Computer on the desktop.
  • Go to the below location C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Photos_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState
  • Then choose all files in this location and choose delete.
  • We get the administrator’s permission and press on yes.
  • Then restart the system and find if the remote procedure call error still is there or not.

 3. Windows Troubleshooter

  • Press on the start menu then click on the run dialog box.
  • In the run dialog box, type the control panel then press on entering key.
  • Then click on system and security then click on troubleshoot common computer problems.
  • Choose to troubleshoot tab.
  • Click on the windows store.
  • These steps are also useful to other features of windows also.
  • In the windows, the store selects the run the troubleshooter.
  • It will take some time to complete.
  • Once complete the task, then restart the system.

4. The default DPI scaling to be set

  • Click on the Start menu then type the control panel then click on enter
  • Then click on Appearance and personalization
  • Click on display.
  • To solve the problem change the display to smaller.
  • Now save the changes that we do.
  • Restart the computer.

5. Registry Editor

  • Click on Windows + R then type Regedit and press on enter.
  • Then type the following command in the registry. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RpcSs
  • See the right pane of the Rpcs then choose start.
  • Now select the DWORD and double click on that, then set 2 in the field value data.
  • Save all the changes and press on ok button.
  • Restart the computer.
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