The Smart New Way To Disconnect : Light Phone, Your Phone Away From Phone


Light Phone, an innovation based on simplicity and existing technology, that allows you to stay connected minus all the unwanted distractions of a smartphone. Conceptualized by Kaiwei Tang and Joe Hollier, product designers and innovators, and Featured on Kickstarter (a popular fundraising website). This credit card sized block aspires to be nothing more than a Phone, plain and simple.

Loaded with its own SIM card that is unlocked and can connect to any network, the Light phone is designed to work standalone or in conjunction with your existing phone (via Light Phone app). The way this works is that you route all voice calls from your Primary phone to your Light Phone, filtering out Messages, Facebook notifications, Emails and all other unwanted notifications. Thus effectively letting you stay connected with your near and dear ones without the need to tag along an expensive liability like your smartphone.

Light phone features a minimalist design; a matte white facia, a dot-matrix display, LED lit numeric keys, a power button and a Micro USB port to sync contacts with your existing Smartphone. No fancy HD touch screen, no Bluetooth, no WIFI, no GPS, no Trackers and sensors, no Email and hence NO distractions. Weighing all but a mere 38.5g, the light phone can easily slip into your wallet and the frugal specifications translates into massive battery life of 20 days (stand-by), although actual talk time hours have not been mentioned.

Although still in the developmental stages, the creators say it might take up to one year to start manufacturing. However, having received over 50% of the requisite funding of $200,000. The Light phone is all set to see the Light of day sooner than Later. You too can pitch in to help fund this endeavour by clicking Here:

The Light phone can be yours for a mere $100. For peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle, we think that’s a reasonable price to pay. Especially considering, your average Smartphone makes a dent 4-5 times as larger than this.

Light Phone Spec


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