The Top 20 Motion Graphic Trends of 2019


The Top 20 Motion Graphic Trends of 2019

Video Animation has become a very significant part of every other industry. One can look around, and they can easily see countless use of the animations everywhere. There was once a time when animation was only intended for entertainment purposes, like making a movie for kids or developing a video game. But, in today’s world, the use of video animation has truly proved that there is no field of profession in the world that cannot be befitted from the use of video animations.

What Is Motion Graphics?

One of the most dazzling kinds of video animation is Motion Graphics. Many people knew motion graphics by the animated graphic design. These videos are the most effective way to communicate with the audience, and also to add some depth and meaning to the story.

In the motion graphics video, there is only partial animation that can be seen easily. However, the rest of the scene stays static. It is really advantageous for the business to use it for advertising purposes, display on the websites, and even they are used in the movies to show credits in the end.

What Are the Latest Motion Graphics Trends?

There is a number of trends associated with motion graphics that keep spinning every year and every other Video Animation Company in the USA is following these amazing trends to create the most striking video animation. Some of these mind-blowing trends are listed below.

1. Blended Version of 2D & 3D Graphics

It is a common trend in motion graphics that has been in vogue for a long while, and since people are loving it, we are able to see it in 2019 as well. By using this feature, the animator gives a very unique style by mixing the 2D animation with 3D graphics.

2. Highly Complex Visual Effects (VFX)

VFX has become the most common practice in creating video animations, and it has been a very trending feature in creating motion graphics video s these days as well to show some exciting moves in the video.

3. Animated Logo Designs

GIF logo design is truly the most mesmerizing thing that we can see on the internet. Many companies are already getting benefited from this amazing feature and using the animated logo designs on their websites and for promotional purposes as well.

4. Retro Is Back in Motion Graphics

Every once in a while Retro styles makes a bold comeback in the graphics designing industry, whether it be motion graphics video animation, or the logo designing sector. It is truly refreshing to see the retro style animated videos with a new twist every single time.

5. Morphing

Morphing makes it easy for the brands to get the motion graphics in the most connecting and attractive manner for their promotional use, and to deliver the right message to the target audience as well.

6. Glitch Effects

Intended hitches are added to the video animation to give a very different, unique, and exciting effects for the audience to enjoy the videos. This trend has been practiced in many different industries whether I will be related to fashion, marketing, branding, or even television film.

7. Liquid Motion

It is also one of the most spellbinding concepts to show all the organic shapes in the form of liquid, and the animation looks too attractive for the audience to enjoy.

8. Colorful Color Palettes

As colors are really helpful in influencing the storytelling, they have been really assisting in making the motion graphics educative whenever there is a need to deliver any useful message or create awareness about something.

9. Punchy Pastels

Using too many colors wasn’t sure enough to explain some sensitive emotions, which is why punchy pastels became a unique trend to give a nostalgic ride to the audience and make them feel the notion.

10. Gradients

Gradients are truly the oldest techniques to be followed in the graphics industry, but due to the high demand and everyone loving it, experts always found out the best way to make the gradients comeback with a major turn n events.

11. Collage Typography

Typography has also been a great part of motion graphics video animation, and collage typography is serving the best in the field whenever there is a high use of sending alerts or a powerful message to the audience.

12. Macro Typography

In the fashion or advertising industry, there is always a use of some strong typographical work along with the mixture of some stirring animations. In such cases, Macro Typography has been playing a vital role to fulfill the requirements of the industry.

13. Layered Typography

Layered typography uses the 3D element to give an overlapped image of the fonts, and a little animation is added to the typography to make it look exclusive.

14. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography plays a very vital role in grasping the attention of the audience online, by displaying the message with such active movements that tempt the people to give it their consideration.

15. Animations in Fonts & Titles

Providing animation to the fonts and titles is one of the trendiest ways f grabbing the consideration of the audience and keeping them interested in the video along with delivering the message to them.

16. New Minimalism

The trend I so popular for modern times as it challenges the models of concentrated and vibrant colors along with a beautiful mixture of stripped-down textures. The motion graphics had been made more entertaining with the addition of sounds playing the continuous loop that gives a very sensational effect on the audience. It has been a part of the motion graphics to make the work uncomplicated for the animators and stylish for the audience.

17. Fantasy Graphics

The use of fantasy graphics is no more a secret to anyone as the fascinating feature has been a part of video animation since the time of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Animators who are striving round the clock to amplify the user experience and enable a more exciting time for the audience are putting their ideas together to develop more captivating elements to increase the amusement for the viewers.

18. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are truly a very exciting feature that keeps a person distracted and entertained for a longer time. People of all ages get the amusement of using the Cinemagraphs in various videos and games. Also, it has been a very enthralling feature to use on different websites and mobile applications.

19. Virtual Reality

Animators and AI experts all around the globe have been working tirelessly to provide a better experience for people who wants to touch the world of virtual reality. This amazing trend has also been applied to the motion graphics video animation to enhance the feel for the users.

20. Micro-Interactions for Web & Mobile Apps Animations

Micro-interactions are used to augment the user experience when they visit the websites or any of the mobile applications. It is deliberated as one of the biggest UX trends that had been the part of 2018, and we can still see them in 2019.

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