Things to Do if Your Business Presentation isn’t Ready and You Run Out of Time

Things to Do if Your Business Presentation isn’t Ready and You Run Out of Time
Things to Do if Your Business Presentation isn’t Ready and You Run Out of Time

It’s frustrating if you already ran out of time, and your business presentation isn’t ready yet. Before you panic, you need to understand that there are things that you can do to survive this challenge. These tips will help you continue the business presentation as scheduled, and impress the people in the room. below in this article, we will cover the Things to Do if Your Business Presentation isn’t Ready and You Run Out of Time.

Come clean

There’s no better way to deal with the situation than to be honest about it. You have to inform your audience about why your presentation isn’t ready yet. However, there’s no need to tell them the whole story. You also need to promise that you will still provide the best presentation possible given the circumstances. Besides, even if you won’t tell everyone about your unpreparedness, it will come out during your presentation.

Be open to suggestions

On a positive note, not finishing your presentation means that it’s open-ended. You can accept suggestions from anyone in the room to improve your business ideas. It doesn’t mean that you will follow the advice, but you can consider it. Your ability to accept suggestions is also a good quality that investors are looking for. They want a strong leader who knows how to lead the group, but also listens when there are other voices in the room.

Give possibilities

Since you didn’t finish your presentation, you need to present possibilities or options. It means that you might take different paths leading to the achievement of your goal. You can’t promise that you will choose one over the other, but you will consider the possibilities. 

Look confident

Even if you didn’t finish the entire presentation, it doesn’t mean that you have to feel defeated. You still need to enter the room filled with confidence. Sometimes, your confidence will overshadow your lack of preparation. You don’t have to be arrogant. The point is that you want to show to everyone that you can still have a quality presentation because you believe in your business ideas. You also need to fake it since you’re already a nervous wreck deep inside. Remember that potential investors are also judging you based on your personality. If you can’t even manage to finish a presentation, it might be more difficult for them to believe that you can lead a team.

It helps if you can prepare slides to show to everyone while you’re explaining your ideas. Invest in a projector ceiling mount so that it’s easy for you to open the slides once you’re about to begin your presentation. If you also didn’t finish the slides, you have to be honest about it. You can present the rest of your ideas without any visual aids.

Once your presentation is over, you have to open the floor for questions. Considering that you didn’t finish everything on time, some people in the room might not have a complete picture of what you want to do. The question and answer session will give them the clarity they need.


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