Things To Do In Sunnyvale, California



In the corner of the United States of America, there is a hidden gem, Sunnyvale in California. Sunnyvale comes from the agricultural roots, and to be honest, it has been sustained even now. Sunnyvale is surrounded by sustainable farming areas. There are extended fruit gardens of apricot and cherry that have become a family business for many families. If you have a flair for art, you will find tons of breathtaking pieces here.

All over the Sunnyvale, there are public art pieces, and if you want to sharpen your skills as well, there are public art classes as well. We would totally recommend enrolling in one to create a vestige of your trip. So, if you are visiting Sunnyvale, Grand Hotel Sunnyvale is an amazing option to stay. Now, let’s move on to the things to do in Sunnyvale!

The Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday, there is a farmer’s market set in the Sunnyvale, where a huge number of vendors are available with the local products that are the true essence of Sunnyvale. The most common products include pomelo, Asian Pears sugar cane stalks, and pineapple guavas. If you are unfamiliar with the taste, you can even get the free samples because the vendors are too sweet.

Baylands Park

This is a public park with an extensive area of 70 acres. This park has 105 acres of wetland preserve, which is the bread and butter for the fauna and flora of the park. If you have kids with you, there are children playgrounds where they have shelter facilities as well as the sports and picnic options. If you got a thing for biking and amazing hiking, you could opt for the San Francisco Bay Trail of 300 miles

Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum

This museum is operated and managed by the historical society of Sunnyvale. This society works with an aim to preserve the heritage and culture of Sunnyvale. The museum is a family home of the Murphy’s and goes back in the 1850s. It was demolished in 1961, but in the 2002, it was recreated to portray the real image of Sunnyvale’s culture and heritage. There are relics of Ali Pearson, which signify the cultural essence and roots of Sunnyvale. There are barns and apricot gardens around the museum.

Murphy Avenue

If you got a knack for the orchards and planting, you would know about Martin Murphy Junior, and this place is a signification of his work. In this district, there are boutiques, cafes, nightlife spots, and restaurants which will satisfy your shopping soul. All these places are designed in the old heritage buildings. There are bus and rail services to reach these historical places.

There is a Sunnyvale Theatre where theatrical performances are held. Moreover, there are summer music performances held in Beyond and Jazz series.


This is a fine dining place if you want the taste of Middle Eastern food. There are contemporary twists in the food, and the meat is moisturized to the best. If you are a group, we would recommend a large maza platter, which includes falafel, hummus, shakshuka, babaghanoush, and kebab.

We hope that you have great experience in Sunnyvale!

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