Think Outside the Box to Boost Your Home Internet Speed


Home Internet Speed

The most obvious way to increase your Internet speed is to upgrade your Internet plan. But before you spend that extra cash to watch those cute kitten videos in high-resolution, try the following tips. A few adjustments at home could free up some useful bandwidth.

Restart Your Router

Like your computer, your router has an operating system, memory, and processor. And just like your computer, your router speeds up after a reboot. A restart clears the errant download requests and processes in its minuscule memory. After a restart, the device also finds an optimal channel for the fastest Internet connection.

Your router may also synchronize better with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) after a restart. ISPs usually assign home users a dynamic IP address, which changes periodically. Routers slow down when they fail to synchronize with the change. A rebooted router attunes with the current IP address.

To restart your router, unplug the power cord and remove any batteries. Wait at least one minute before you reinsert the batteries and reconnect the power cord. Give it a few minutes to power up and connect to the Internet.

Reset Your Router

Try to reset your router if a restart hasn’t helped to clear up networking issues. A reset takes your router back to its factory settings and deletes data such as the WiFi network name and password. Use the reset button at the back of the device or the web interface for a hard reset. Save your router’s current network settings on a file before you begin. To avoid frustration, call your ISP for guidance first.

Optimize Router Reception

Don’t place your router in the basement or the attic where signal interference slows down the connection. Find a central and open location for the device. Alternatively, try a WiFi signal booster to amplify the signals.

It’s best to use a direct link for your immobile devices. Ideally, your TV, computer, and gaming console should connect to the router through an ethernet cable for the fastest Internet speed.

Change the Password

Check your router’s settings to examine the devices connected to your network. Remove connections you don’t recognize. Some freeloaders connect to routers in the neighborhood using rudimentary hacking techniques. Set a complex password and use WPA2 security to protect your router and your Internet speed.

Use Cybersecurity Software

Not only are malicious programs harmful to your computer, but they slow down your Internet connection. You can download Malwarebytes software to remove such Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and enjoy better download and upload speeds.

Find a Good Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

If you use a VPN to access better entertainment content on the Internet, then avoid free VPNs because they carry adware and use slow servers. Subscribe to a technologically advanced service that uses the latest VPN protocol and provides multiple servers for better connectivity.

If these measures fail to boost your Internet speed to your satisfaction, then negotiate with your ISP for a quicker connection. Let them know you’re shopping around to bargain from a stronger position. With faster Internet speeds, you can finally forget about your buffering woes and enjoy your time online.

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