Three Tech Solutions to Help HR Departments in 2021

Three Tech Solutions to Help HR Departments in 2021Three Tech Solutions to Help HR Departments in 2021
Three Tech Solutions to Help HR Departments in 2021

Human Resources are a well-known and much-loved part of larger firms. Handling everything from employee wellbeing to payments and rewards, workers in HR have a panoramic view of the company and can help to knit together different and disparate departments, ensuring that all of their workers are equally happy and motivated in their roles. But the work of an HR professional is also tiring and time-consuming, and HR departments suffer when their workers are forced to perform many menial tasks each day. That’s why this guide is all about the tech that can liberate HR workers to perform the really important work they have in their in-tray.


The most important automation technology for HR departments in the past three to four years has been payroll automation. For those who have been in the HR industry for many years, this has arrived as a huge benefit for these roles: finally, they’re liberated from the tedium of having to get each and every staff member’s salary right – and delivered to them at the right time.

This technology is now available for the mass market – and is incredibly cheap to onboard to your own HR department. The time that it saves – and the human error that it eliminates – is well worth the subscription investment. It also leaves your staff free to work on more important, and more human, matters.


Your HR team is also largely responsible for the morale among your workers, and the way in which your entire staff body feels and reacts to events within and outside of your firm. For instance, your HR team will have been pivotal in the recent pandemic, making sure that your workers are safe, happy, and able to work from home where possible.

And, to make sure that your HR team remains able to respond to the demands of their jobs – and the requirement to listen to your workers – it’s well worth onboarding an employee survey software. The firm offers such a digital survey solution – which you can easily send out to workers to ask for their reflections and feedback on company decisions. In turn, this will help HR departments feel more responsive to the wants and needs of the staff they serve.

Content Management

One final element of the HR department’s job is to update employees every so often with news from the firm. This news is most often circulated in a newsletter which you’ll deliver to each and every inbox in your firm. The more newsletters you produce – and the more personal news you contain within them – the more you’ll find your staff pulling together in the same direction.

Content management systems, and email automation software, can help make these newsletters far easier to create and curate each week. If you’re not already using an email system and template, you should seriously consider going with providers such as MailChimp. It’ll help speed up and professionalize the process of sending emails to staff in your firm.

These three tips for tech use are important for HR departments that are looking to free up more time to service their workers’ needs in 2021.

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