Important Tips and Tricks to Prepare for SBI PO Exam



SBI PO is one of the most in-demand examinations in the country for which quite a lot of aspirants run around. From among these massive amounts of aspirants, the best is selected for the post of Probationary Officer. Aspirants aim for this post because it is considered a premium job in the banking sector. The exam undertakings are held by the State Bank of India, SBI for short. The exam is conducted annually, so aspirants can try every year if they do not make it. There are three levels to this examination where aspirants have to undergo a preliminary test, the main exam, and finally, on selection, they have to undergo an interview and a group discussion. Then, a handsome amount of salary is offered to the best of these aspirants and they are PAN India posted to any branch of SBI in the country.

This puts most of the aspirants for the SBI PO Exam in a state of confusion and anxiety. The competition is fiercer than most exams, and there are barriers to time, speed, accuracy, and skill. Aspirants of the exam who wish not to crack under these difficult constraints must be willing to devote to and work hard for its preparation very intensely. If they are ready to do all this, the following list of preparation techniques can help them boost their performance for the exam:

  1. A study plan is essential:

Aspirants must plan their exam preparation route after thoroughly understanding and being familiar with the exam’s format and structure. They must go over the exam’s syllabus and create a study plan that encompasses all of the topics contained in the syllabus. As a result, the study plan should include and contain all the syllabus topics such that they can sort everything and start their preparation.

2. Take a mock-test:

One of the most effective strategies for aspirants to prepare for the exam is to take a mock test. Because of the numerous advantages of mock tests, this should be given a prominent priority and SBI PO free mock tests can do the job perfectly fine. First and foremost, mock examinations are excellent practice tools because they help aspirants in the process of time management, thereby allowing them to improve both their speed and accuracy. Aside from that, students receive a sense of the question paper pattern, which can help them prepare for the exam. Finally, these examinations assist aspirants in identifying the topics where they are strong and weak, thus allowing them to concentrate and stress on improving their weak regions.

3. The best study materials should be chosen:

This is a hint that even aspirants who have no prior understanding of the exam and its varied patterns would undoubtedly follow. The sources of good and successful exam preparation are the most sought-after study guides and references. Study materials should be picked with the goal of covering all of the fundamentals, all of the topics, and of boosting the aspirants’ speed and accuracy.

4.Following previous year’s question papers:

Previous year’s question papers aid aspirants in understanding the exam pattern and frequently asked questions. This can assist aspirants in differentiating between crucial and less relevant topics. Practice and analysis of previous years’ exam papers are important for aspirants attempting the exam for the first time.

5. Creating organized notes:

Note-making can be considered as the heart of the last-minute revising material. These crisp notes are meant to offer easy and fast readability, clarity, and legibility. It takes time to prepare these notes, thus it should be done carefully in a meticulous way. With these notes, aspirants can quickly re-learn and revise distinct ideas and topics with their own prepared material. As a result, students are one step closer to gearing up with the adequate amount of preparation required in acing the SBI PO exam.

6. Revision is mandatory:

SBI PO is a competitive exam with a lot of information and topics to learn. Every concept is tough to retain after only one reading. As a result, revisions are critical in assisting aspirants in effectively preparing for the SBI PO exam.

7. Be an avid reader of the newspaper:

Although everyone understands the importance and necessity of reading newspapers, most aspirants ignore this phase in their preparation. The Business News section is a wonderful place to start studying for the SBI PO exam preparation.

8. Reading is a skill in progress:

English is the language of universality that the world follows. For these kinds of exams also, this is not an exception as the English section is the most neglected when candidates prepare for the SBI PO exams. There should be consistency which is to be maintained while preparing for the different sections, and English preparation can be achieved through a habit of reading English newspapers, magazines, and journals. This can help immensely in improving the aspirants’ grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

9. Change the place of study:

Sitting and staring at the same surroundings becomes repetitive and uninteresting. This may result in a wave of laziness among the aspirants. A change of scenery is actually rather invigorating because they can benefit from the fresh air between the vigorous study routines.

10. Hassle-free, healthy and happy:

Whether while preparing or while attempting the exams, aspirants should take care not to hassle with their preparation and their answers. Their minds should be calm while preparing and attempting the exam as this can give them much-required clarity. Plus, these are times where aspirants can fall sick due to inconsistent and unhealthy diets. So, care should be taken to eat only healthy and good meals such that there is no compromise with health. Finally, they have to carry a happy mentality that lets them stay positive throughout the preparation period. 

Thus, aspirants can clearly see the benefits of preparing correctly using the right methods and techniques. The proper amount of passion, time, and hard work when applied with these techniques can help aspirants make the impossible possible. So, good luck!

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