5 Must-Know Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Hotels     


Getting the best rates on hotels is not easy. There are a couple of things needed to be remembered when booking a hotel room. You want to consider extras like free breakfast, parking, or Internet service. But the real trick is finding the best price for your stay. 

When finding the best prices on hotels, it’s essential to be flexible with travel dates. But you can save money by avoiding weekends and holidays—especially during busy travel seasons. Here are five tips for getting the best rates on hotel rooms.

1) Book Early

Many hotels offer early booking discounts or last-minute deals, so check out their websites before deciding. If you know where you want to stay, it’s worth making a reservation rather than waiting until the last minute. Compare prices from the top-rated hotels that match your preferences before booking. You might even be able to cancel your reservation without penalty if there are rooms available at a lower price as your travel date approaches. 

While you might be tempted to book your hotel first and then book airfare and a car rental later, this could end up costing you more in the long run. If you wait until you have a place to stay before booking your airfare, you might have more flexibility, but it is too late for you by then.

2) Be Clear on Your Needs

It’s essential to understand what amenities are included when you book a hotel room. Some hotels offer breakfast while others do not. The type of bathroom facilities will vary greatly from one hotel to the next, so it’s helpful to be clear about your needs before you go online or call for reservations. If you want or need a refrigerator in your room, or if you need to know that the hotel has fitness facilities before booking, make sure that is clear. 

You can compare prices from the top-rated hotels that match your preferences. Asking about the types of offers could save you some money on the overall cost of your vacation.

3) Be Flexible with Dates

Be flexible when it comes to dates for getting the best prices on hotels. If you can travel midweek instead of weekends, you will likely find better rates. If you can travel during the middle of summer, rather than July or August, your prices might be lower as well.

When traveling on business, try to book your hotel room during the week if at all possible. Midweek rates are often lower than weekend rates—the fact that many hotels will advertise. If you can travel midweek rather than weekends, you’ll likely save money on the cost of the hotel room itself.

If you know the popular travel seasons for your destination, avoid booking hotel rooms during those times. Summer is obviously a busy season so expect to pay higher rates if you travel during that time of year. However, some places have holiday seasons when even weekdays will be pricey due to local events or traditions.

4) Check Third-Party Travel Sites

If you want to save the most money when booking hotel rooms, try using third-party websites like AmericanOtels. These sites often offer deep discounts, and it is possible to find a good deal if you know what to do.

Booking in advance will almost always result in savings at these kinds of third-party travel sites, so see what kind of options you have when it comes to dates. You might find that one week of the month has good rates while another doesn’t. Also, know that more expensive hotels are often discounted on these sites; if you’re looking for a more affordable stay, be sure to check the area around your hotel, too—you might get lucky and find a cheap place to stay right downtown.

Depending on the time of year, you might find even better rates than what you would find at the hotel. This can be helpful when you try to save money on accommodations.

5) Watch for Specials

Frequent travelers know that special deals exist for various hotel chains and other types of accommodations. One way to find these specials is to shop around and sign up for the email lists and rewards programs of the hotels you favor. For example, Hilton Hotels will send out an advance notice if there is a deal on its properties and those owned by other companies under the Hilton brand.

Hotels will sometimes offer promotions that include extra amenities or even discounts on rooms. Weekend rates are also offered during off-peak travel times to entice customers with lower prices. 


Marketing research is important in getting the best rate on hotels. Figure out what amenities are needed, when flexible with dates, and which third-party options will get the most savings. Also, make sure to sign up for hotel newsletters or rewards programs so you can get special rates throughout the year. 

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