Top 10 Attractions in Dubai at Night

Attractions in Dubai at Night

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cosmopolitan cities in the world. When the sun goes down, it transforms into a fancy castle with numerous glittering lights. The ultramodern architecture and gleaming lights create a visual spectacle for natives and visitors. This beautiful city offers a myriad of attractions at night. Here are the top 10 attractions in Dubai at night:

1. Burj Khalifa

Everyone knows that Burj Khalifa is an iconic skyscraper with 163 floors. It is known as the tallest building in the world. If you want to see how LED wall screens can be used to perfection, you must visit Burj Khalifa. The incomparable feat of engineering will mesmerize you in many different ways. This iconic building offers the most beautiful night view of the majestically lit up cityscape of Dubai.

2. Dubai Fountains

The Dubai fountains are one of the most popular attractions in Dubai at night. It is the largest choreographed fountain system in the world. With a music and light show every 30 minutes, the Dubai Fountains offer you a perfect visual treat. The marvelous display of water art, dancing LED display lights, and the musical symphony leaves an unforgettable impression on people.

3. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo let you explore the vivid and strikingly impressive underwater world in Dubai. You can watch a wide variety of vibrant marine creatures very closely. It is home to more than 33,000 aquatic fauna, including sand tiger sharks, rays, and snakes. This man-made marvel also has a high-resolution LED wall that displays breathtaking content for visitors.

4. Dubai Creek

If you are on the lookout for a serene and beautiful hangout place in Dubai, look no further than Dubai Creek. The LED display screens create a magical ambiance in the night. A dhow cruise lets you explore the stunning scenic beauty and elegant architecture of Bur Dubai. Offering the spectacular views of the sky-piercing towers, majestic buildings, and their beautiful reflections in the water, Dubai Creek makes a perfect destination to spend time at night.

5. Dubai Garden Glow

Located in Zabeel Park, Dubai Garden Glow is a must-visit attraction. It is a confluence of four theme parks, Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Art Park, and Ice Park. The colorful lights and LED wall displays create a magical ambiance. You can also find an aesthetically pleasing garden that offers an unsurpassed visual delight.

6. Dubai Mall

If you are an avid shopper, you must visit Dubai Mall. It houses 1200 stores, 22 cine screens, and 120 restaurants. You can also find many bars and cafes in this mall. A man-made waterfall welcomes you as you step inside. Numerous LED display screens blend harmoniously to create a supernatural atmosphere. You can spend many hours enjoying the startling attractions in Dubai Mall.

7. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is a 22,500-square meter indoor ski resort with a mountain-style ski slope. Located at Emirates Mall, this man-made ski wonderland offers skiing, snowboarding, snow hiking, and snow training opportunities. When you are in Dubai, you should never miss out on the chance to visit Ski Dubai at night.

8. Lost Chamber

Lost Chamber is a great place to enjoy marine life at its best. As you walk through the astonishing glass tunnels equipped with LED wall lights, you can come face to face with sharks, seahorses, piranhas, stingrays, lobsters, and many other marine creatures. This Atlantis-themed aquarium offers an unimaginable experience for visitors. You can do ray feeding, indulge in aqua trekking, perform shark safari or engage in an Atlantis dive at night.

9. IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a themed amusement park that contains five thrilling zones, Novo Cinemas, IMG Boulevard, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley, and Marvel. There is a Meet and Greet Zone available in this park, where you can meet your favorite cartoon network and marvel characters. It is also home to many exclusive dining venues, themed retail stores, and a 12-screen ultra-modern cinema with 5,000 meters of LED display strip lighting.

10. Motiongate Dubai

Based on the dynamic Hollywood theme, Motiongate Dubai is a unique amusement park with 27 nerve-wracking land and water rides. You can find four different zones, Lionsgate, Dreamworks, Smurfs World, and Colombia Pictures. Live 4D shows are displayed on large LED screens. It also contains many dining and shopping venues.

It is hard to find a more attractive place than Dubai at night. It offers endless attractions that take you to a magical world of irresistible charm and appeal. When you are in Dubai, you should never miss out on the opportunity of visiting these stunningly beautiful 10 attractions.