Top 10 Humanoid Robots that you need to know about


Nowadays robots come in handy in various shapes and sizes. Maximum of them are quite intriguing and adorable as well as widely accepted due to their resemblance with human beings. Humanoid robots are broadly utilized for various purposes which include several dimensions’ like space exploration, human research, education, management, maintenance, business, development, rescue missions, search optimizations, entertainment, public relations, healthcare, caution assistance, care provision, and many more.

Gradually the usage and utilization of Robots are slowly increasing and the anticipation of future market is unsure as the Chinese organizations are tardily deploying robots and automation technology. As per the statistics, it is apprehended that the universal humanoid robot market would reach a sum value of 13 billion dollars within the year 2026.

As an instance, the smart humanoid robots of a smart field hospital in Wuhan, China was infection-free and capable of measuring temperatures, environment. Also, they were able to deliver the necessary ingredients like food and medicine along with entertaining the medical persons.

Let us now have a look over the top and best 10 humanoid robots that all must and need to know about.

1.Robotic Avatar – 

Humanoid Robots
Humanoid Robots

Robotic Avatar, in other name T-HR3, was first introduced by Toyota in the year 2017 which has the capacity of duplicating its human operator exactly like the real-world avatar. It was also updated for the Tokyo Olympics where it ameliorated its controls and walked much more naturally.

It has been projected that in the coming years these humanoids will be conducting performance as a mobile service and they will be also performing various surgeries while keeping their operators in a different section of the world. The care providers will be working more distantly as well as their assistance will offer a much freer and independent life.

The robots will be enabled to use similar tools, surroundings, and environment like the human and vice versa the humans will be also capable of controlling and governing the robots in humanoid forms.

2. Robotic Ambassador – 

One of the very well reckoned and recognized faces of humanoids is Sophia which is considered a social humanoid invented and developed by Hanson Robotics which is based in Hong Kong.

This robot is supported by artificial intelligence and undertook the responsibility of a robotic ambassador which will in due course conduct various intuitive researches upon robotics and the communications of humans and robots.

Some of the other capabilities of Sophia are respectively moving, communicating, drawing, singing, expressing, etc.

3. Delivery Robot – 

Delivery Robot

Ford turned out to be the initial customer who adopted and incorporated Agility Robotics’ Digit inside a setting and custom of a factory. This particular humanoid robot was headless and completely packed with sensors which were capable of navigating certain stairs, hindrances, and every kind of terrain.

The humanoid robot had the capacity of walking and balancing on one foot along with the ability to pick up and stashing boxes within the limitation of a maximum of 40 pounds. The humanoid also has the provision of transforming itself into an entire package.

Ford had the optimistic projection that humanoids will be capable of riding driver less with the optimization of the automation of the complete delivery procedure.

4. Research Humanoid – 

The research and development of Surena robots have been being conducted during the last decade by the mechanical engineers of the Iranian university of Tehran. Through their constant devotion, the new model came out which is Surena IV, which is visibly a full-grown humanoid and capable of the face identification, object detection along speech recognition as well as propagation.

It has the capability of walking at a speed of 0.7 kilometres every hour. The freedom indicator of it lies at 43 degrees and its hand is able to hold onto various sizes and shapes. In coming years Surena will have the capacity of researching artificial intelligence and bipedal locomotion.

5. Digital Humanoids – 

Being completely virtual digital humanoids acts and looks both like human beings. Some examples are respectively; Advanced Research Labs’ Neons and Samsung technology. These digital humanoids are supported by artificial intelligence possess their private personalities and visual appeals.

These kinds of digital humanoids perform real conversations, portray emotions and feelings as well as learn from various experiences. All the neons are automated by computers and not dependent on real people. All are subjected to customization to a separate character

6. Robotic Bartender – 

Macco Robotics, in the country of Spain, invented and further developed a robot named Kime which served and delivered food and beverages to customers. It is built with a human alike head and a torso that has two arms like human beings, all inside a kiosk.

Kime is also further examined for purification at a gas station in Europe and also in a Spanish Brewery. The examiners finally came to the conclusion that Kime became exceptionally well at pouring beer and inherited a capacity of serving almost 300 glasses every hour.

This humanoid robot possesses smart sensors and can exercise freedom of 14 to 20 degrees in a given indicator. It is also empowered with the utilization of machine learning which further meliorates its skills and techniques.

7. Robotic Actor – 

In the year 2004, Will Jackson founded and established and the United Kingdom-based organization namely Engineered Arts which produced and invented various entertainment-oriented humanoids by the collaboration and cooperation of various mechanical engineers, computer engineers, cartoonists, animators, and artists. Their very first invented humanoid was named RoboThespian which was a robotic actor and was capable of showcasing a variety of emotions, expressions, impressions, songs, gestures, movements, and greetings.

Companion by many it can become a robotic theater which is an integrated system of robots remaining capable of tracking movements, touchscreen controlling, device controlling, lighting, animating software, etc. However, the organization is eager to provide the ability to walk to RoboThe spian.

8. Robonauts – 

While various countries are preparing their humanoids for space expedition, Vyommitra a female humanoid robot of India is already setup to launch on spaceflight in the coming December of 2020. This robot is expected to carry out micro gravity experiments for future crew missions.

In another instance, Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research (Fedor) was a Russian remote-controlled humanoid that stepped on International Space Station (ISS) which repaired itself during a spacewalk in the year 2019. However, later on, it returned to earth.

The invented humanoids of Nasa’s Johnson Space Center like Robonaut 2 and Valkyrie spent a timeline of 7 years in ISS. Although it is a hope and projection that future space humanoids will bear adverse environments.

9. Educational Robot – 

Pepper was a humanoid robot that was designed and programmed by Soft Bank Robotics to become an emotionally friendly worker, as well as a receptionist and a nanny. Pepper is inherited with an educational integrated development environment (IDE) which is named Tethys and helps the students in coding. The humanoid robot is programmable to move, talk, listen, and portray gestures and express messages.

Due to its real-time synchronization, the organization hopes it will benefit the engineers and robotics.

10. Collaborative Humanoids – 

A lot many humanoids are good collaborators. Nextage from Kawada Robotics became a popular humanoid robot research platform for the industry-oriented robots in the specified industry 4.0. Parallel to that, Armar was designed for conducting maintenance tasks and human works in an industrial setting which was original of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology from Germany.

Walker invented by UBtech Robotics was designed for collaborating with human beings domestically. It consists of 7-degree freedom and conducted household tasks and smart home performances.

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