Here Are top 5 popularJobs in London


Top 5 popularJobs in London

Do you seek a challenging job that can keep you on your toes? Then you are in the right place. Everyone desires a career that excites them instead of one that only pays their bills. Sure, we all want to pay our dues. However, working for someone or at a place without growth towards our passion is a waste of time.

Thus, it is essential that you not only look for a job with high compensation. Also, seek a career that satisfies you. If you are looking for a high-paying job in London, this blog is just perfect for all job-seekers.

1. Delivery driver

 Total current job openings are 4,205. To become a delivery driver in London, remember the following.

Role of a delivery driver

The responsibility of a delivery driver is to deliver orders to consumers within a limited time frame. Also, the role may include loading/unloading from the truck and customer support.

Skills needed

  • Driver license
  • Good communication skills for customer support service
  • Perfect eyesight

Job type: Full hours (Flexible shift)

Payscale: £20,055/year

 2. Education post officer

There are tons of education officer jobs opening in the UK. 

Total current job openings are 1,144 jobs. If you wish to become an education officer here in London, keep these few things in mind. 

Role of education officer

The main responsibility of an education officer is to implement, monitor, and develop education plans for all students. This happens by keeping in mind the national and local agenda in London related to education.

 Skills needed:

  •  Skills to negotiate, network, and develop an interpersonal relationship with other people
  •  Capable of working with a team and solo
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to manage and organize a budget
  • Creativity and problem-solving attitude
  • Knowledge of every school and its governing policies

 Job type: Full hours from Mon-Friday 

Payscale- £ 40,000/year or between £ 45,000-50,000/ year with higher qualification

 Further opportunities- To get a more senior post or work as a consultant.

 3. Store manager

Looking to work in a store? The current job openings are- 4,537. For landing a job as a store manager, keep these things in mind.

 Role of a store manager

 The responsibility of a manager includes the smooth running of a store daily. Other duties involve: creating budgets, customer handling. Also, hiring & training employees, and making staff quotas.

Skills needed

  •  No requirement specific degree or qualifications
  •  Sense of business and managing difficult situations
  •  Good communication skills
  •  Ability to delegate
  •  Experience or internship in management can help 
  • Job type: Full hours

Pay Scale: £29, 250/year

Further opportunities: It is a starting position. You can climb the managing hierarchy.

 4. Software engineer

 There is a high demand for software engineers in London. The current job openings are-11,816. To work with a prestigious company as a software engineer, you need to ensure these things.

Role of a software engineer

  • Maintain, monitor, and improve IT systems in a firm
  • Providing creative solutions for the development of the business
  • Designing or writing codes after analyzing customer needs

Skills needed

  • A graduate degree related to the field
  • Verbal thinking
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Work or internship experience appreciated
  • Ability to think outside the box for creative solutions

Job type: Full hours

Pay Scale: £55,000/year

 5. Store Assistant

Are you good at communication? If yes, then store assistant jobs are perfect for you. The current job openings are- 2,700. Keep in mind these things to get the job of a store assistant.

 Role of store assistant

  •  Help customers with their queries or problems in a store. It is a bit like a customer service agent.
  •  Work with customers and help them in finding what they are looking for.
  • Take payments or greet the consumer

 Skills needed

  • No qualification or degree
  •  Minimum 5GCSEs with one of them being a math
  •  Friendly personality
  •  Good interpersonal skills
  • The job includes training for every applicant who passes the final round.

 Job type: Full hours (Shifts available)

 Payscale: £17,967/year

 Further opportunities: Store manager

 If you find any of these jobs appealing, start looking for a job now on Jobiser and other recruitment sites.

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