Top 5 Study Materials For Students Studying in CBSE



CBSE is one of the most sought after syllabus by parents in India. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. Students can obtain education from Class 1 to Class 10 from schools that are affiliated to this board. It is considered one of the toughest boards in the country and there are schools across the country that are affiliated to this board. Below, in this article, you can find the details about Top 5 study materials for students studying in CBSE.

Studying and scoring well in the CBSE board is a matter of only absolute hard work and consistency. With experts from all over the country giving input to set up the paper to brilliant minds from all over the country taking up the exam, it takes a lot of persistence to beat the competition. 

Numerous study materials are available out there to help students cope up with exams and all related assignments. However, studying from everything and anything will only increase your confusion and uncertainty regarding the concepts. Therefore it is advised to pick one reliable online medium and take all the study materials available there. You are searching best essay writers online then click here for customessaymeister.

Following are the list of study materials that are useful for students pursuing their education in the CBSE syllabus. 


This is probably the most sought after study material for students studying in CBSE. The NCERT stands for The National Council of Educational Research and Training which is an autonomous organisation of the Government of India. It provides the necessary study materials and other supportive resources for students of CBSE stream. This is highly trusted and popular as the NCERT books are recommended by the CBSE board themselves as reliable study material for students of CBSE. The NCERT books are even used in most of the schools as primary study material for the students. Various online portals also provide these NCERT books to help students. 

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NCERT Solutions 

The NCERT Books come with numerous exercises and question banks for the benefit of the students. These exercises are very important for students as questions for the final exams are usually picked upon either directly from the book or very similar questions will be asked. Students must know the correct way to answer them in order to get the maximum marks. The NCERT Solutions provide accurate perfect answers for all the questions in the exercises. Therefore the NCERT solutions are one of the best study materials of students studying in this CBSE. There are numerous online platforms that excel in providing these online solutions. All you need to do is choose the correct online platform and obtain the Vedantu NCERT Solutions for all the chapters as free PDF downloads to help you enhance your study material. 

Sample Papers 

Sample papers are released by the CBSE board themselves to help students understand the paper pattern better. As the sample paper is released by the board themselves, students can expect the same paper pattern to be repeated in the actual board exam. Students have to solve the paper, in the exact same environment as it would be in the actual exam. This will help the students to overcome exam fear and perform well with a calm mind in the actual exam. Also, practising with sample paper will help students learn time management and pressure management skills. It will prevent students from panicking in the board exams. It will improve their confidence and keep them calm during the actual examination. 

Previous years Question Papers

This is one of the best study resources that should not be missed by any of the students. The previous years’ question papers help students understand the various marks distribution, chapter-wise marks weightage and the marks allocation scheme. This will help students understand the importance of various chapters and they can plan their study strategy accordingly. Solving the previous years’ question papers will help students to also analyze their preparation levels on the entire syllabus. It will help them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, students can work on their weak points and make them their strength allowing them to score more. 

Revision Notes 

Revision notes have detailed explanations for all the chapters and topics in the syllabus. They cover explanations in a way to help students remember the concepts clearly. Also, these revision notes are very handy with pointers and short cut notes to help students remember the concepts better. These notes are very helpful as they will help you with a quick and easy revision process.

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