Top 8 Golf Video Games of All-Time



In this article, we are going to outline the Top 8 golf video games of all-time. There have been a lot of great ones, especially when played with a gaming simulator at Gamer Gear Direct as gamers and golf fans might agree. However, we have honed in on the eight best. as gamers and golf fans might agree. However, we have honed in on the eight best.

The criteria we have utilized to compose this list includes some very interesting characteristics. The first characteristic we are considering is how memorable the golf video game was. We look at gameplay next. We believe it is important to take into account which games flowed the best at the time they were created. They have to be good, solid video games (at least at the time of their release). The third characteristic we are taking into account is the overall impact that the game made when it came out. These three characteristics are the things that we used as we created the list below. Ok, now let’s begin our list:

8. CyberTiger

CyberTiger was a fantastic golf game. Gamers who played both Mario Golf and Hot Shots also loved this golf game. It was an arcade-style game featuring real PGA players on its roster. EA Sports was actually the publisher and developer behind CyberTiger, which a lot of gamers are not aware of. The “Battle Mode” in CyberTiger was something gamers absolutely loved. Two players got to duel each other in a golfing fight to the death during “Battles”. A lot of people wish EA Sports integrated Battle Mode into future golf video games.

CyberTiger was released about one year after EA Sports released its first Tiger Woods golf game.

7. John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

A lot of younger gamers might not know who John Daly is. However, gaming OGs who have been around for over a decade remember this golf classic. Younger gamers can likely grab this title in the bargain section at your local gaming store. John Daly’s ProStroke Golf does not really compare to any of EA Sports’ golf games featuring Tiger Woods, however, it is still a great game. It offers a nice “feel” when it comes to the golf experience on the PlayStation Move. This game is not recommended for the standard analog controller, however. The game does not perform motion control extremely well. It does, however, give gamers an amazing first-person view.

John Daly's ProStroke Golf
Top 8 Golf Video Games of All-Time


6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: The Masters Collector’s Edition

This edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour offers an extremely interesting game mode that we had not seen before when it was released. Gamers can play as Tiger Woods during many of the important wins Tiger had throughout his illustrious career. Gamers also loved playing the Masters Tournament in this edition of Tiger Woods PGA. This Collector’s Edition allows you to perfect your golf skills at the practice facility just like you would be doing if you were preparing to play the Masters in real life.

The Masters Golf Tournament is one of the most legendary events in golf. Golf fans love watching the Masters whenever it is being played. Additionally, gamers who play golf video games love placing bets on who will win the Masters with their favorite online sportsbooks as well. They love to apply to their expertise as gamers to the “real world” and try to win a little bit of money, too.

5. Golf Story

Golf Story was released in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. It was an indy release by Australian studio Sidebar Games. It had a very distinct and had a very unique feel. The gameplay was definitely not the best part of Golf Story. Instead, the amazing narrative that engaged gamers was the reason it comes in at number seven on our list. It was almost like a role-playing game packaged as a golf video game. Officially, it was considered a “role-playing sports adventure game.” In a way, the game Golf Story replaced the combat found in other role-playing games like “Final Fantasy” with golf.

The game also allows players to play mini-golf, disc golf, lawn bowling, and at multiple driving ranges.

4. The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club is a very interesting golf game series that came out fairly recently. It brings custom golf game creation features to gamers. This means that you could finally create your own golf course and share them with competing gamers all over the world. People who follow our reviews know we love solid multiplayer games. It also had a very cool multiplayer mode that allows players from around the world to compete against each other live. Custom tournaments that can be played online is also a very cool feature of this game.

3. Mario Golf

Mario Golf was a staple among gamers in 1999. That was, of course, a year that the Nintendo 64 was extremely popular. Some gamers think Mario Golf is too cartoonish. However, gamers that have been around for decades absolutely love the silly animations we came to love from every Mario game that has ever existed. It was an extremely realistic golf game at the time it was released as well. The in-game tournaments were a cool feature from Mario Golf as well. A lot of popular characters had their own courses and tournaments, too. People loved this feature.

2. Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour Golf

This game had mixed reviews when it came out from both the media and golf fans. Some would say that it is more of a golf simulator than a kids’ pick up and play the game, which sounds good for fans. The game only included eight courses when it launched. However, it did include Chambers Bay, which was the course that hosted the US Open when Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour Golf came out. The game’s resale value ended up shooting up to $123 a couple years after it came out. This must be because this was one of the best Golf Games ever created. In addition, golf games were not being created on a massive scale for a few years. That contributed to the rise in price as well. The gameplay was beautiful, with arcade mode as a favorite among golf fans and gamers alike.

1. Sid Meier’s SimGolf

This is one of our favorite video games ever made. It might seem strange, but any gamer who really got into this game would have ended up spending countless hours building their golf courses and then playing on them. In the game, it was quite easy to create a golf course. However, it was not so easy to make a course successful. Both critics and gamers loved Sid Meier’s SimGolf when it was released. We still love it today.

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