Top Languages for android development in 2021



Devices with the Android operating system occupy a leading position among users, so Android programming will always be in demand. There are a large number of platforms and languages ​​in which you can create high-quality functional applications. They all have their own characteristics, suitable for the assigned tasks. Let’s see which android programming language is the best to write applications in 2021.

Languages for android development


With the React Native framework, you can create mobile apps with rich mobile UI. Moreover, such programs are completely native, that is, they are not mobile web applications. JavaScript is because React Native uses the same components as simple Android apps.

JavaScript advantages:

  • assembly is faster than in Android Studio;
  • there is a flexbox for creating high-quality UI;
  • simple data transfer over the network using API.


Kotlin is a relatively young language that emerged in 2017. But in such a short period, he was able to win the love of many programmers, and in 2019 it was recognized by Google as the best programming language for Android, pushing Java to second place.

Kotlin has incorporated the best qualities of other languages. It has many advantages, including automatic data type detection, extension functions, and others. It is easy to understand, master and accessible to everyone. Kotlin is built on top of Java, so it’s very easy to migrate from Java.

The language can be easily integrated with many frameworks, easy to learn, and its code is open.


Despite the fact that Python is far from the most convenient language for mobile development, it is still in great demand. This is one of the reasons why there is a high demand for Python certification when it comes to getting a job as a Python developer.

Android development using python is quite easy to learn and study, understandable, and has a convenient syntax. Works with a variety of development environments, making it versatile and accessible to everyone. It is growing rapidly, gaining popularity, community and support are actively developing. In addition, it is in demand in the market. The possibilities of the language are wide, you can implement both simple and complex functional projects. And given the additional tools, it is also used for developing mobile applications.


The major benefit of Java is that it has its own development environment, Android Studio. It was designated as the official Android programming environment by Google in 2014, making life considerably easier for developers. A visual UI editor, code completion, and other tools make the application development process easier.

Java is one of the most powerful languages available in terms of capability. Its popularity stems from the fact that it helps you to complete even the most difficult jobs and assignments. It makes use of both Java classes and XML files. It is readable if the coding guidelines are followed.


Flutter is a Google mobile app SDK that lets developers to construct sophisticated, high-performance mobile apps that can be launched rapidly on both platforms.

Flutter uses rich widgets to develop cross-platform apps that look and feel like native apps. It enables for faster code authoring by fully utilizing code reusability. This means that you may use a lot of your code in its current state on both platforms. By adding a few defining UI components to the program individually, you may develop a fully functional cross-platform software in half the time and expense.


We figured out what app development languages are on top now. There are quite a few of them, each has its own characteristics, functions, and applications, most of them overlap and complement each other.

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