Touchless Attendance Machines: Everything You Need to Know

Touchless Attendance Machines
Touchless Attendance Machines

An individual’s amount of time working for a specific organization is equal to how much the individual gets paid. Therefore, monitoring every employee’s time working on the assignments given to them has become extremely significant. This is where the program for biometric attendance machine comes into play.

A touchless biometric system is a significant improvement over the latest online time and attendance management machine in the market today.

The previous systems were not foolproof as there were several instances in which workers might log in for each other or, in other words, demonstrate a proxy attendance of a person who has not entered the office.

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A biometric attendance system has come into the practice to resolve these fundamental flaws.

Each biometric identification becomes a unique entry code with a biometric scan that only one person can enter. This means that it would not be possible for a person who wants to proxy for another employee to do so as their biometric data won’t be accepted.

How Does A Biometric System Work?

As stated before, an advanced biometric attendance machine utilizes face recognition technology to allow clocking in and clocking out of the employees. Based on different coordinates identified within the system, an employee’s face is first scanned and mapped out.

These coordinates are then plotted against a graph and stored in the system. The coordinates are mapped and compared with the previous image each time an employee places comes and stands in front of the biometric attendance machine, and the entry is clocked only if there is a match.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using A Biometric Attendance System

The biometric attendance machine also has its collection of considerations that need to be taken care of, like any other system applied to the workplace. There have been many concerns that individuals have posed about a system of biometric attendance, and these must be given their due importance. Here are some significant factors that you should keep in mind:

1. Utility of the system

The people responsible for the data and the functioning of the biometric attendance machine must access the software associated with it quickly, like any other system in the workplace. System user-friendliness is essential to ensure that the workplace accepts this system successfully and as early as possible.

2. Cloud Accessibility 

Today, biometric attendance machines come with several integrations. The software also has a smartphone application that enables workers to clock in from anywhere globally to function.

This is exceptionally crucial when it comes to workplaces that have a lenient option for remote work. Apart from this, all the data about the employees’ time and attendance are stored on the cloud in real-time.

3. Real Person Detection

There are advanced biometric attendance machines that offer a real person detection feature. One such device is KENT CamAttendance. With their in-built algorithm, the machine can differentiate between a real person and a photograph. With such a feature, you can simply prevent fraud attendance marking.

Which Are the Industries Preferring Biometric Attendance System?

In any industry where data validation, properties, personnel, etc., are involved, a biometric attendance system can be used. In government agencies, such systems can be used for border protection, voter registration, national identity papers, e-Passports, etc.

In addition to government departments, these programs can be introduced in workforce management firms, banking companies, software companies, consulting agencies, etc. The primary purpose of implementing these types of technology will be to monitor employee time and attendance, payroll management, human resources management, customer recognition, account information controls, and employee involvement.

In these pandemic times, the deployment of a new-age face recognition-based biometric attendance machine would add great value to an organizations’ future. A state-of-the-art device, Kent CamAttendance, is efficient and helps to improve the work environment. To understand the specifications of the system and the advantages in detail, KENT provides free demonstrations.

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