Trending Video Downloading Apps – Videoder, Tubemate, VidMate

Trending Video Downloading Apps
Trending Video Downloading Apps

Videos are the electronic medium of recording audio and video together. Many music videos are trending in the market. There are many ways to watch these videos. People like to watch these videos again and again. They download their favorite videos so that they can watch these videos any time and at any place without any interruption. These videos can be downloaded from the websites or the apps that can be downloaded in the smartphones. As technology is increasing day by day, there is a tough competition among the apps as they want to be different and more advanced from the other apps. 

Trending video downloading apps are as follows:

1. Videoder:

It is one of the popular video downloading app. Here you can choose your favorite videos that you want to download from various sites. It provides you with the facility that you can convert the downloaded content in the files of your choice. It is free and simple to use app. You can also share the video easily. This app also provides the facility of customization. It downloads the videos at fast speed. You can install this app from play store and also from the official site. But there is one problem with this app is that it allows streaming on limited sites only.

2. Tubemate:

It is a third party video downloading app. This is very easy to use application. It enables you to download videos from different websites and can share them. You just have to write the name of your favourite video name in search bar and press the enter key. Your favourite video will appear; from there you can choose the option of quality of the video. The downloaded videos are automatically saved in phone memory. It is very good app but you have to handle with many of the advertisements which keeps on pooping up.

3. KeepVid:

it is free video downloading app and also one of the most popular one. It downloads the video at faster speed compared to other video downloader apps. It is very easy to use and handle. It allows the users to download the videos in HD quality and from various downloading sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. This app is free app that you can download from play store or from official site. This app also displays the ads which keepon pooping up. To avoid these ads, you have to buy the premium version of the application.

4. VidMate:

It is the most remarkable video downloader app. This app is also reliable to download the YouTube videos. Vidmate not only provides you with fast downloading of the video but also provides you with customization by which you can rate and select your most preferred download location within the download settings. You can also look for files based on different categories like music, tv shows, movie or directly search from any site. This app includes built in video player, music player. Here you can also create an encrypted space within the apps where you can hide the videos as well.

Apart from all these apps Vidmate is the most reliable app which provides more features for downloading and watching videos. So download this app now.