Twitter Removed More Than 1.2M Accounts

Source: Public Domain Pictures

We all know what’s going on with Facebook & because of which other Social Networking websites have become more conscious about content shared on their platform. According to Bloomberg, Twitter on Thursday has removed more than 1.2M users from Twitter because of evoking “terrorist content.

This is not because Facebook has been found guilty & now all social networking websites are looking forward to preventing the mistakes, but Twitter has always been there deleting users with abusive content, which has made Twitter a pure & clean content sharing platform. Last year in Q4, Twitter had deleted above 2 lakh users just because of violating rule & posting terrorism content.

It seems that abusive content has always been a part of living & now social media. As Social Media has become the key source of communication in daily life. It seems that laws for this social networking site have to become much more strict.

Twitter on other had too strict on their policy since 2014 as that year Twitter was one of the major suspects of terrorism content. Which leads them to change their policy.

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