Types of Promotional Products


Types of Promotional Products

It is a common practice for companies to hand out promotional products as a brand recall exercise and a token of appreciation for doing business with them. It is also a great platform to advertise their business to potential customers.

However, it is not always easy to choose the best promotional items that can take their brand message to their customers. The reason is that there are multiple kinds of products to choose from that can make the decision a complicated one.

Fortunately, we are here to help you make that task easier. According to the Promotional Product Companies In San Diego, here are the top promotional items that you must consider when making a selection. 

  • Stationery 

Pens and notepads are always required, regardless of the business you are in. Even in the digital age, people often rely on pens and papers to make notes on the go and to write things down. That is the reasons, stationery remains one of the most sought after items in this list. You can get promotional pens, custom-made notebooks, or even branded calendars to your customers. These types of stationery give you plenty of space to advertise your products and services.

  • Fitness or wellness items

If you have clients in the fitness and wellness sector, then industry-relevant promotional items will help your customers become a part of your brand. Consider getting customized stress balls, pace wristbands, water bottles, or even diet plans! These simple items go a long way in reminding your clients to stay healthy and on top of their fitness routine. But most importantly, it helps you attract new clients when other people see your brand advertised on these items.

  • Mugs and other drinkware 

Mugs are a popular choice for promotional items because they are functional. You can give these out to your corporate clients or customers in the food industry. You can also customize other forms of drink ware, such as water bottles. These items are easily customization and help attract new customers. Every time they pour a cup of coffee, someone will notice your brand name! These are a great option in a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a hotel where number of people walk in every day. They are cheap and work wonders in expanding your reach.

  • Wearables

Promotional clothing is one of the oldest type of item for every business who wants to leverage this tactic for advertising. You can think about designing fun t-shirts, caps, or hoodies that make for useful items and also great space for product promotion. What’s more? Your customers become your brand ambassadors every time they wear your promotional merchandise. They are a popular choice for many businesses because it gives them plenty of opportunity to be creative and enough space to share their brand message easily.

  • Electronics 

In our digital world, most people carry smartphones that they use heavily for their day-to-day tasks. However, that also means faster battery drain. Giving your clients with custom power banks is a great way to help them. You can also consider giving flash drives that they can use for easy data transfer. It is the perfect option to reward your loyal customers with their patronage. However, be sure to invest in quality products only so that you can eliminate the risk of damage to their expensive equipment.


  • Custom bags

Tote bags can be used for variety of reasons. They make great grocery-shopping bags or a carrier bag. It not only helps reduce single-use plastic but also takes your brand wherever your customer goes. Customized bags can be made using environment-friendly materials that can enhance your brand image by positioning you as a green company. They also cost less, which means you can easily hand out more units to more clients.

  • Brand logos

A lot of headway has been in the world of promotional items, as far as brand logos are concerned. They work as a great tactic to encourage brand recall and also make for a perfect decor item in your client’s house or office. Think of items, such as sculptures in the shape of your logo that are aesthetic and made from durable materials.

Businesses that are looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace often use creative advertising methods, and promotional products are one of them. You must not cheap out on the quality of your merchandise as that can leave a negative impact on the minds of your customers about your company. Instead, think about your target audience and develop items that they can use in their daily lives and carry them around, wherever they go.

Go through this list to choose the best items that can help you advertise your business organically.

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