Understanding Earth’s Resources and the Ways We Can Control the Damage


We are in the midst of an emergency, an urgency that needs to be addressed. The Earth is spiralling towards its doom, and human beings are responsible for it. Every year millions of plastic make their way into the ocean and choke the marine life to death. The Earth’s permafrost is melting, which is all the red flags you would ever need to see when it comes to raising a concern about climate. The term ‘permafrost’ itself should speak volumes. It is the permanent layer that covers the surface of the planet. It is not supposed to be thawing. Climate change is real, and it is about time we did something about it. Now, before we even think of acting over the rapidly worsening climate, it is important to understand the genesis of it all. We need to know where it all began and only then proceed with our thoughtful and conscious moves that can prevent further damages. It is only then that one can understand what needs to be done. Below in this article, we will cover the Understanding Earth’s Resources and the Ways We Can Control the Damage.

A Look Into Earth’s Resources:

Mother Earth has resources aplenty, or so we would like to believe. But understand that every form of energy on this planet can be exhausted. It is only a matter of time. Human beings need to be extremely cautious about the way they use these finite resources because that is what sustainable living is all about. It does not do to be selfish and deplete the resources while we are alive. We need to leave behind a legacy of green and clean Earth for our children too. We need to leave behind resources in abundance. 

In this segment, we shall look into the different types of resources the planet has and then proceed to discuss how we could preserve them to abate the damages. 

The Greens and The Blues-

Preservation of ecosystems is an integral part of life and should be treated as such. They maintain the balance of nature. The greenery we have around us, the lush forests and animals living in the depths of these greens contribute a lot towards seeing to it that the scales of life do not tip and the planet is safe. The recent incident of the Amazon burning for weeks had direct ramifications. It messed up with not only the life that it supports under its shade, but wreaked havoc on the Earth’s climate. The lungs of the planet were compromised. 

The same holds true for the water bodies we have. The rate of plastics and other kinds of waste that goes into the seas and the oceans every year are at an all-time high. It has been rising at an alarming rate, and human beings are least bothered about it. These plastics choke the animals and other life that the water bodies support, lives that are responsible for keeping the Earth in perfect balance. This again leads to failure in the way our planet functions. 

Thus, ecosystems are one of the most important resources of Mother Earth, and we must be mindful about the way we behave towards them. Planting more trees, raising awareness about the role they have to play in our own little ways and reducing the use of plastics are some of the ways in which we can contribute towards the preservation of these resources.

Understanding Earth’s Resources and the Ways We Can Control the Damage
Understanding Earth’s Resources and the Ways We Can Control the Damage

Energy of Sorts-

Wind energy, geothermal energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy and the like are the types of energy required to run motors, turbines and produce electricity. But, the source of these types of energy is none other than our planet. Now you might want to debate upon the source of solar energy, because it is something that we get from the sun. But, the rest are direct products of Earth. Therefore, if we are not conscious enough about how we use them, the future shall be very bleak. Also, if you think that by the time ‘the future’ arrives, we shall have left the planet and therefore, it is okay to mindlessly cause depletion to the Earth’s resources, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Try to measure your moves as far as possible. Look into the different energy plans available for your consumption. Compare and contrast electricity subscriptions and plans from sites that offer the information. For a head start, you could check https://strøm365.no/stromleverandorer/

Understanding Earth’s Resources and the Ways We Can Control the Damage
Understanding Earth’s Resources and the Ways We Can Control the Damage

The Rich Minerals-

The list would be incomplete if we failed to mention the repository of minerals our planet has. The Earth might have an abundance of them all, but they are non-renewable sources. This means that once a specific mineral is exhausted, there is probably no way to get the store back. And we have already established how everything is linked together in a chain. All the elements that make up our planet must be connected sequentially to maintain the balance of nature. Therefore, if one of these rich minerals is lost forever, the entire chain is going to fall apart. 

So What Do We Take Away From This?

The simple take away from this discussion should be that every element that can be found on Earth is invaluable. You cannot put a price tag on them. Our doom has already set in, and it is only a matter of time before we perish in our entirety. Climate change is a pressing issue, and we must all do our bit to save the planet from arriving at that fateful day. There is no Planet B. The Earth is all we have.

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