Useful Tips for Writing a Resume for the First Job

Useful Tips for Writing a Resume for the First Job
Useful Tips for Writing a Resume for the First Job

Many people often worry about writing their first resumes. This is because this task is not only challenging but also overwhelming. However, it does not need to be menacing or nerve-wracking. Most students and recent graduates fret they do not have the potential resume writing skills and enough experience to draft a top-notch and compelling resume. But, you need not vex or agonize over anything. Below are some resume tips that you can use to accentuate your skills and experiences regardless of this being your first job. below in this article, we will cover the Useful Tips for Writing a Resume for the First Job.

How excellent should a resume look?

The first step to writing an excellent resume is to know how one looks like. What is the usual resume length? What does it incorporate? How does its structure look like? Do you know the appropriate format for crafting a compelling resume? How many words to write in a resume? To write a resume in an easy and simple way and check your words count in Word counter. The use word counter is to count your text, It has some features like how to customize your text and typical text count. Answering these questions will help you know how an excellent and outstanding resume ought to look like. 

List your education and skills

Your education is one of the fundamental assets as a student. And when writing your resume, you need to list your education and skills. Whether you are a college student or a graduate, you need to jot down your education level, skills, as well as accomplishments. The ‘Education’ section of your resume ought to be towards the top of your document. Also, if you had any studies abroad, remember to include it in the resume. Hiring managers often develop an impression on the achievements of recent graduates. 

But, if you do not know the ideal format to jot down your education and skills in your resume, get help from as they have professional writers who can craft you a perfect resume. 

Write your work experience

As a student, you may not have been able to work for any organization or company. But, you may have been part of a voluntary team. When writing your resume, you need to state the type of voluntary work you did. But, if you are a recent graduate and you were working somewhere before or after your graduation, you can incorporate this in the resume as well. Ensure that you do not lie about anything. 

Follow your usual resume instructions

When writing a resume, there are some usual instructions that you ought to comply with. The vitality of doing so is that it will help you stick to the ideal format and structure of a resume. And while at it, writing your resume would not be as cumbersome as your previous presumption. So, adhere to these instructions when writing your resume. 

Follow your usual resume instructions

If you do not know what they are and what they necessitate of you, do not worry. You can ask for professional assistance from a resume writing service or visit the website of and the team of experts will guide you on how to go about it. 

Read resume examples

Another ideal way through which you can learn how to write a top-notch resume and develop an interest in it is by reading resume examples. The benefit of reading resume examples is that it equips you with more knowledge and information that you can use to perfect your resume writing skills. Good writing skills are efficient in crafting a top-notch resume. And, a resume is not a document that you will write once in your lifetime. 

This is because you need to be certain that the company you are applying to work for will select you. So, you will need to write as many resumes as possible. And for you to be good at it, you need to learn from the best. 

Ask your friends about feedback

After writing your resume, you should give it to a friend or classmate to go through it. Their take on your resume is important as they will be able to notice the mistakes you do not see. Additionally, they will help you make the necessary changes before you forward your resume. But, if they encounter any difficulties trying to understand your resume, ask for help from Edujungles. Their professionals will look at it and highlight any areas which need rectification or they will do the changes themselves. 


Now that you are certain that your resume has had the necessary adjustments, you need to proofread it once more to warranty that it is error-free and that all the information it has is factual. A hiring manager or an employer can spot a lie with ease on a resume. And if you lie in your document, it will cost you your job opportunity. So, ensure that you revise your resume and check to see that the information it has is genuine. 

Stay strict with the usual format 

As aforementioned, it is crucial to adhere to the resume instructions as they help you structure your document using the appropriate resume format. Some companies are strict with the writing format while others are not. Thus, you need to stay strict with the usual format so that it does not jeopardize your acceptance chances. 

Stay strict with the usual format

In conclusion, writing a resume for the first time is a task many students find to be challenging. This is because the majority often wonder what it incorporates as well as what it necessitates. But, you should not worry about anything. Above are some tips that you can use to better your resume writing skills and become an expert in it. 

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