Useful tips on how make 2d animation


Previously, it was impossible to have a creative and at the same time technological profession.  How can these two spheres even intersect?  But it’s good that progress does not stand still and now we have the opportunity to combine what seemed impossible before, as well as to realize ourselves in those areas that also seemed inaccessible.

 Have you ever heard about 2D animation and what do you know about it?  The range of knowledge is probably not so great and the purpose seems obvious. But things are a little more complicated.  Hey, if you are interested in learning new things, in developing and expanding your skills and abilities, then stay here and read the article to the very end!

 So, 2D animation.  The term 2D means two-dimensional space.  That is, this is a type of image in which only two values ​​ are involved. It’s about  width and height..  If we add volume to them, then in this case we already get 3D, but this is not about that now.  An example for a greater understanding and awareness of two-dimensionality is a plane.

 The possibility of introducing and applying 2D animation is the most diverse.

  1. Movies and cartoons (standard application environment)
  2. business (the introduction of 2D animations is popular when creating, for example, advertisements or banners, as it makes it more modern, interesting and more attractive to the viewer or potential buyers)
  3. games (also a standard scope since we are already used to seeing games in this format, but how we love them!)
  4. educational videos (during the learning process, it is important for a student not only to get hung up on an endless stream of information, but also to learn it in an interesting format. How cool it is when a favorite cartoon character provides smart, important and useful information)

A professional company can provide all the benefits in any area!  Kevuru Games – 2d animation company will introduce animation into any startup.

Well, if you are interested in getting out in this area, then rather explore the covered loopholes!

1. When you’re creating a character that may not even matter, it’s always important to keep an eye on their facial expressions.  Have a rule of “evil eyebrows”.  It is they who can spoil the look of the hero and convey emotions completely different from what was intended.  Suddenly, for example, the character is used for advertising, then in any case, on a subconscious level, an evil face will repel a person.  Accordingly, try to convey neutral or positive emotions.  Watch how you draw eyes and eyebrows.

2. Since 2D animation does not cover volume, this is not a problem!  Even working with a plane, you can transfer a large number of characteristics.  We strongly advise when creating a frame in which the object makes any movement (for example, runs or jumps) to stretch and squeeze it.  What is it for?  With this tip, you not only give life and realism, but also characterize the object as hard or soft, flexible, or vice versa, not very possessing this quality.  If you need to emphasize hardness, then keep stretching and crushing to a minimum.

3. Have a goal to always convey maximum realism!  For example, when the movement of an object comes to an end, this end cannot be overlooked either!  In the real world, there can be no instant break in movement, usually the main one is accompanied by a small final stage.

4. A similar situation with the beginning of the action.  Just as there is no abrupt end, there is no hasty beginning.  In order to move something from its place, add a slight swing in the opposite direction.

5. It is so important to pay due attention to the movement!  In the real world, we sometimes don’t think about it at all, but when we try to convey all the subtleties of realism, our brain immediately starts to boil. So, during movement, there is a speed that should vary from the minimum initial to acceleration.  In life, the highest speed cannot be reached immediately.

6. A cool tip that is often appropriate in any advertisement is the reason for dramatic highlighting.  Do not be afraid at some point during a certain movement to enlarge the object in different ways, forcing it out of the movement.

You are now taught the most basic things!  If, for example, you are in the process of developing some cool game, then congratulations, you know the basic principles of animation!  We also recommend that you follow the link in order to make your startup even cooler

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