7 Useful Ways To Treat Your Old Car

Upgrading from your old DMV to the latest model is a great moment for any car enthusiast. However, don’t get carried away by the excitement. You have to decide what to do with the old car. There are various useful ways to treat that old vehicle without letting it waste away in your backyard.  Read on to discover some ideas. 

7 Useful Ways To Treat Your Old Car
7 Useful Ways To Treat Your Old Car

Sale The Car To A Used-Car Dealer

After getting a new car, you can sell the old one to companies, including Carbine and Cash for cars. The process is so easy that you stop and get a valuation before leaving with your check. All this takes about an hour. Selling your old car to a used-car dealer is time-saving, hassle-free, and you are sure to get quick cash. However, don’t expect top dollar from your vehicle since the dealers only offer a fair price most of the time. 

Sale The Car Online 

Another way to get rid of your old car is listing it on sites including Auto Trader and Craigslist. Here, you market and sell the vehicle directly to the potential buyer. However, you have to research your vehicle’s appropriate value using Kelley Blue Book’s valuation tool. Additionally, make a price comparison with similar cars listed online by entering the car’s VIN bar code to get an automated estimated value. 

Success requires being honest about your car’s value and the problems it might be having. This eliminates quoting too high, scaring inquiries. You have a chance of getting a fair amount from your vehicle depending on the make and model. Be ready to do some groundwork and make an effort to avoid accepting a bad check.  Additionally, listing your car might cost you some little money, except if you market it in Facebook groups. 

Donate It To Veterans 

You can do charity by giving away your old car to a veteran vehicle donation organization.  Although this means forgoing potential income, it has significant tax benefits with an IRS receipt. Additionally, donating inspires your children to do the same in the future. The best thing about donating your car to a veterans organization is the hassle-free process. There is no need to struggle with necessary paperwork or to hire a tow truck. 

Trade At For A Better One

When planning to get a new car , you can just trade in the old one at a dealership and get a more unique model. This is the easiest way to upgrade your wheels. Keep in mind that negotiating the trade-in value is when bargaining for the new car’s purchase value. The purchase package will include the fees, taxes, price, and financing terms of the new vehicle. 

Taking this route is more comfortable and allows getting a better deal when upgrading your car. There is a chance of benefiting from the sales tax applicable on only the new vehicle after the trade-in credit deduction. Be wary that you are likely to get less for a car older than ten years. 

Sale It As Scrap

For a car not worthy of being on the road anymore, it is better to sell it to a junkyard. Old vehicles that are hard or costly to repair and those that fail smog and emission inspections in the state are only suitable for scrap. Fortunately, you just have to get on the phone and call the local salvage yard. Fill in necessary details about your vehicle and its current condition to allow the appropriate valuation. 

The company will give you a quote that you can accept or refuse. On acceptance, the company will send a tow truck to pick the vehicle from your location. Keep in mind that the company might not take your car if it doesn’t appeal to them. This option reveals that you admit driving a heap of scrap metal. So, don’t expect to get top dollar. 

Sale The Car For Parts

Some people use second-hard parts in their cars. So, there are companies that usually buy old cars to pick re-usable spare parts. You can dismantle the car and sell the parts yourself. A wise thing to do is to call companies that need used car parts to buy your junk. These understand safety guidelines and have appropriate training to dismantle cars. Keep in mind that the state of your vehicle determines how much you are likely to get. 

Things you should do when planning to dispose of your old car

  • Remove the number plates
  • Keep the title handy
  • Pick any personal items from the car
  • Clear the area around the car before pickup

Bottom Line

Everyone needs a car to make life easier. If you upgrade or get another car, there are better ways to treat the old one. A great idea is to donate it to veterans to make a significant impact on their lives. This donation will improve the lives of veterans with mobility problems from the battlefield.