Volcano Vaporizers are Changing the Vaping Industry

Volcano Vaporizers are Changing the Vaping Industry
Volcano Vaporizers are Changing the Vaping Industry

In the past couple of years, we have seen a resurgence of vaping products. And on top of the list is the desktop volcano vaping device. below in this article, we will cover the Volcano Vaporizers are Changing the Vaping Industry.

The device is made by Storz and Bickel, a top vaporizer crafter and innovator who penetrated the market in the mid-1990s. The volcano vaporizer, or merely the Volcano, which took them ten years to design, is a desktop vaporizer that produces quality vapor at the top of its spout.

It is called as such because of the rigid cone shape design, making it stand out. The Volcano is built to last, producing quality vapor surpassing most handhelds and portable devices we currently have.

It is also essential to take note that the Volcano vape is made with medical-grade heating elements able to sustain precision temperatures of 104-446 Fahrenheit. The device creates a beautiful vaping experience because of convection heating, practical for dry herbs.

What is convection heating in vaping?

Our vapes use two techniques of heating, conduction, and convection. These two heating methods affect your overall vaping experience because of heat, which influences the flavors and quality of clouds.

Convection vaporizers are effectively used with weed vapes because they offer a different thermal transfer. Unlike conduction vaporizers, devices using convection heating provides a quality vaping experience.

One of the primary differences of convection vaporizers is the use of moving fluids, which enables an effective heat transfer from the parts of the device.  They provide a steady cloud chasing with the heat source, not burning the herb, and providing a stable quality of vaping experience.

The volcano vaporizer is precision-engineered in a German lab that uses a vacuum system to filter and pump up the fresh air. Instead of heating dry herbs, the device utilizes an innovative diaphragm pump that allows hot air to flow through the surface. The herbs are thoroughly vaporized, emitting quality and consistent smoke.

The Volcano vaporizer sports better features

The newer models of the volcano vaporizer support the Easy Valve, a new feature from Storz and Bickel offering low maintenance and easy handling valve. This feature is valuable for people who vape a lot and do not have time to clean their devices.

The unit already comes with a valve balloon, so additional attachments are not required. A simple replacement of the old one will suffice to help you get a better vaping experience. The volcano vaporizer also supports quick valve balloon changes, eschewing most of the time-consuming tasks of replacements.

The volcano vape system also has precision temperature controls allowing you to get the right temperature for your vaping sessions. With most devices created with a pre-set or single temperature control, the volcano vaporizer will enable you to target the proper temperatures to elevate your vaping experience.

The precision control allows you to adjust the settings of the flavor, the potency of the herbs, its smoothness, and various other vaping qualities down to a degree. And what makes this device powerful is not only its many features, but it can also heat up in as little as 180 seconds.

Getting the right results count

Vaping is one of the best ways to re-experience your satisfaction without the constraints provided by traditional cigarettes. The use of herbs boost this aspect of your habit and produces a powerful effect to elevate your vaping experience.

Nonetheless, when you want quality results, the vaping industry is not limited to handhelds and portable devices. This desktop vaping device can be an addition to your collection with its powerful features and rigid vaping quality.

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