How VPN Could Help Deal with Speed Throttling while Gaming?


One thing we would never want to confront while gaming online is lag. Imagine yourself just a kill away from winning and the moment you aim your gun, all set to blow away your last hiding enemy, the screen freezes. You can hear your heart beating faster with a rush of disappointment, realizing what just happened. We can feel you and the anxiety that follows after such an event. This is surely a nightmare for any gamer and just thinking of it can give you chills. The point here is that it’s important to deal with speed throttling, especially if you happen to be a gamer. 

VPN Could

It all begins with a fast and reliable internet connection, so when you are on a hunt to find the right internet plan for satisfying your household connectivity needs, be sure to choose wisely. No doubt, it might get confusing but if you check out Cox internet plans and prices, you will realize you found something trustworthy to stick to and can enjoy the peace of mind of having access to high-speed internet. Though choosing a good quality and reliable internet connection does help a great deal but still, no connection is perfect. The good news is there is more you can do as a prevention to avoid speed throttling. And one effective way to do it is through a VPN. 

Most of you might be already familiar with the concept of VPN and might have used it to unblock websites or stream any banned content in your area. But usually, people do not know that a VPN cannot only be used to gain access to restricted content online or mask your actual IP address, but it can also prove to be very effective in speeding your internet while you are gaming. Yes, it’s true. Allow us to enlighten you on how can you do so. Let’s begin exploring more about how it can be done. Dive in!

Is VPN Good for Gaming?

A VPN encrypts your internet connection and conceals your IP address so using it can actually help for a better gaming experience in many ways. If you have a good quality VPN installed, you can access different servers and even reduce lags. Not only that, but it can also protect you against DDoS threats. 

Most people believe that VPNs can only be used to get access to blocked streaming content or to provide cyber protection, but the fact is that most VPN companies now focus on catering to the needs of gamers. So yes, gamers do need VPNs these days to enjoy their benefits in certain situations. 

How can VPN Fix Bandwidth Throttling while Gaming?

Since a VPN operates by hiding your online activities, VPN providers assure that they can save gamers from data throttling. By installing a VPN, you might protect your online gaming adventure from any speed slowdowns. Bandwidth throttling is triggered by online activities or data usage. Your internet provider can throttle bandwidth as a result of excessive online gaming or consistent streaming since such activities consume a large amount of data. So technically, a VPN covering your online activities and hiding what you do online can help avoid bandwidth throttling by your ISP. 

However, keep in mind that a VPN cannot hide your data consumption. If you exceed your monthly data limit, your internet service provider will throttle your internet. Therefore, we can say that a VPN has a protective role against data throttling but it cannot entirely stop data throttling. 

Does VPN Reduce Ping?

A VPN can assist in lowering the ping rate. All gamers are usually big fans of multiplayer gaming and you always need a stable internet with the least latency to drench in the excitement and thrill of these adventurous sessions with other acing players. The best VPNs for gaming do help reduce the overall roundtrip time for data to travel from your computer to the server and then back to your PC. If you want to boost your gaming experience and minimize latency or ping, then you must choose a good-quality VPN. 

The Bottom Line

VPN is an excellent choice when it comes to preventing bandwidth throttling or online privacy issues. Installing a good quality VPN is always a wise decision to enjoy multiple benefits including better cybersecurity, unlocking geo-restricted sites or content, hiding your online activities, and of course, enjoying better internet speeds during gaming sessions. 

However, if you are using a reliable VPN and yet facing sluggish speeds, it is about time you contact your ISP customer support to resolve the problem and enjoy the speeds that you have signed up for. For that, it is a good idea to run a speed test to be sure of the internet speeds you are currently experiencing and their difference from the advertised speed you have subscribed to.

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