VPNs Internet Access: Why Your Online Footprint Should Go Incognito


VPNs Internet Access

In this day and age, how secure is online security? Some people believe we’ve never been as secure as today, and others—juxtaposed to technology enthusiasts—have found everything to do with the internet to be both complicated and unsafe. For us, we believe in both of these statements. There are known benefits to technology (read more), such as a VPN. At the same time, ignorance of it risks your online security. 

VPN, in particular, is no stranger to modern times. In fact, users of this software increase by thousands every day. One-click in the search tab, and you can find a mountainous amount of articles dedicated to VPN, from reviews to why you should consider giving it a try, and for a good reason. Just like in the real world, safeguarding your possessions can only be done by depositing them in a bank. In this way, VPNs act like a keeper of your data and personal information. 

As a member of modern advancement, you have the obligation of making sure you are safe while surfing the net. One way you can do that is to consider getting a VPN for your IP address or computer. But what exactly is this software, and why should you even give it the time of day? Read more to discover the benefits you can get from partnering up with a VPN company. 

But First, What Is A VPN? 

VPN is just an acronym for Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, it is a private network (link: https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/thenow/what-is-a-virtual-private-network-vpn/1/) where one or more people can connect to. Over the years, your internet footprints have become easier and easier to track. For hackers and cybercriminals, this vulnerability is a gateway for them to steal your information, such as credit card details, full names and date of births, and even your social security number. If that doesn’t alarm you, we don’t know what will. 

However, by connecting to a virtual private network, you can easily erase your footprints, hide your IP address, and become anonymous on the internet. Your ISPs and other malicious hackers cannot see any internet activity from you as long as you use the VPN while you browse the internet. 

How Does This Work? 

Typically, if you have your own internet connection, you use it through your ISP’s servers. Whatever activity you’re doing at the moment gets filtered into their system, making it easy to track what you’re doing in the virtual world. 

When you use a VPN—instead of connecting to your Internet Service Provider’s servers—you’re connecting to a private server from another country. Thus, their details, such as location and IP address, become your own. The connection you made to this private server is encrypted, meaning it is almost impossible to hack or track. Think of it as a solid and very tall wall that covers your activities. 

There are a lot of reasons to use a virtual private network during your use of the internet. With that said, check out our favorite guide to VPNs to get a full, detailed explanation of the basics and a lot more! With that said, let’s enumerate the reasons why it’s important to cover your virtual tracks.

1. It’s Safe And Secure

Safe And Secure

Need we say more? Having a virtual private network to connect to rather than your ISP’s or the public wifi in the café you frequent is worlds better! Without a VPN, Google can show customized yet very annoying ads that came from your latest search or from your location or have a site get your information or “remember” your through cookies. Even if they seem harmless when explained, these things still make consumers feel restless. 

Think of VPN as a tunnel where information from the private network to your phone/computer (or vice versa) passes through. This tunnel is encrypted, so not only will malicious hackers and ISP providers not see your activity, they’ll deal with a nightmare digging through the encryption that they won’t think about pursuing such action. At the end of the day, you and your Internet footprints are housed and safe.

2.You Are Anonymous 

One main reason why a lot of people choose to use a VPN is because of their promise to complete and total anonymity on the internet. While surfing the net, the traffic you produce goes to and from the virtual private network and mostly keeps where you are undetected. Even the host site won’t know your exact location. 

When you’re anonymous, you can avoid being cyber-attacked and hacked. These hackers can assume your identity by taking information relevant to making online purchases or doing internet-related activities. Identity theft (check it out) has been a relevant problem since some years ago and peaked in 2020. Losses amounted to more than $500,000 in 2019 and increased to 42% the next year. Statistics have yet to tell us about 2021’s relevant data regarding identity theft.

3. Bypass Geo-Restrictions

One relevant and relatable example we can make about geo-restrictions is regarding Netflix. This popular streaming site provides thousands of movies and series, but not everything can be accessed by their clients at once. They have locked certain shows from other countries, which can bum you out as a paying client using Netflix. However, if you have a virtual private network service, you can easily change your location to the desired option and access the geo-locked series/movie. 

There are other sites that operate like Netflix, too, like online games, casinos, and even educational sites. Missing out on these by not having a VPN can be a loss to your overall internet experience.

4. Save Money From Online Shopping And Travelling Sprees

Can you believe owning a VPN can help you save some money? Granted, it’s mainly used for anonymity and security, but this nifty addition makes having a VPN all the more desirable. A flight ticket can be one of the most expensive fees, even during a pandemic. According to experts, we won’t be seeing a travel rebound, but that won’t stop some people from trying to use aircraft to either go on business or travel home to their respective countries. 

If you’re one of the said people, then you can most definitely save some money from airplane tickets. Other than cutting back on seats due to the severe drop in demand courtesy of COVID-19, you can also save by changing your location while buying an airplane ticket. Though time-consuming (checking several countries/states for the bargain price), you can end up saving a hundred or so dollars. 

On the other hand, online shopping more or less operates the same as airplane tickets. Some countries have larger discounts than others, which can help you avail of great products for a much lower price. 

Should You Get A VPN? 

According to the benefits, having a VPN is not more of a necessity than a luxury. It doesn’t just keep you safe from cyber-attackers, but it can also offer anonymity, help you save some money, and bypass restrictions locked to a certain country. In our opinion, it won’t hurt to try and avail of this service since you’ll risk losing more by not having one in the first place.

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