Warzone Cheats: Win the Battle Royale Undetected


Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most downloaded games on the planet. Within months after being launched on 10 March 2020, it was downloaded over 100 million times. Activision and Infinity Ward would never have thought that this was going to play that fast. 

The game has become all the grimmer and larger with a brand-new feature of respawned if you get eliminated after a few minutes. The duel at Gulag can give you another chance. Ten players at a time. That’s a big deal. 

Warzone Cheats

The propensity at which the game gained popularity worldwide inspired some hack users to play. The contracts or mission have become all the more challenging. The difficulty level has got a few notched up. 

It is a different story for players who want to play fast but a little dirty. Warzone cheats like Warzone aimbot makes it super easy for a novice to become a pro in no time. Cheat codes help the participant to understand the shenanigans of the other participants and win big. 

Cheats are not about making the game easy. It is about not getting distracted by trivial things and get the heartbeat going and channel your thoughts to win the game through tactical plans. 

 How to Use Cheats

There are three cardinal rules for using the cheats and not getting detected. We are not saying that you will know that just after you start to play, keep these things in mind as you might not want Activision to ban you for life. 

Getting Detected Might Land you in Trouble

You ever heard about FaZe Jarvis? He is a YouTuber with a decent fan following. The growing popularity and competitiveness in the battle royale games have made their publishers vigilant about players using cheat codes to win the game. 

The matter is not flagged for small-time players, but the use of cheat codes by established players participating in online tournaments is frowned upon. 

FaZe was banned for life in September 2019 after he uploaded a video on his youtube channel where he was seen playing Fortnite while using aimbot. For those who are new, an aimbot is a tool that is used to automatically shoot the enemies as and when one appears within their shooting range without aiming at them. Usually, it requires a lot of skill and practice to achieve that. 

Jarvis account was suspended for life. He uploaded a video regretting what he did, asking Epic Games to reinstate him. So, this could be you if you were detected. 

But why take so much pain when it can be avoided subtly. Plus, you don’t want to ruin the game by making it obvious, so you can try these tricks: –

  • When using ESP, try not to take everything that it shows. Take action on that information that is immensely important. 
  • People using aimbot shoot indiscriminately. I would suggest knowing the location of the player. Do not shoot him unless he becomes a problem. Try to take one when he gets into your shooting range. If you are shooting everyone, others might think you have an advantage. Using low FOV and turning smoothing on can help. 
  • Buy warzone cheats from a credible source because most of the cheat software is a gateway to malware.

 There is Only One Rule: Do not Get Detected

Initially, when you are using cheats, it will take a while for you to figure out the function of each one. But I will advise you to take help when in actual need. If you are caught using them, the account gets permanently deleted. 

Isn’t it Obvious: Let Others not Think This way

Pro players can find out quickly that their opponents are using cheats. Do not try to take an opponent because he is visible to you. The aimbot would automatically shoot when the enemies come in the rage of shooting. 

You can control this. For instance, you are shooting a guy hiding and not participating much because his armour is damaged. There is no need to kill this opponent just yet. Make every killing evident and natural. 

How to use a Wallhack Smartly

Wallhacks come in handy when you need to locate opponents and objects in the game. You can become Dr. Strange and see-through wall like going through an astral projection or séance without an Ouija Board. 

They can also let you know the intensity of your attack and whether your bullet would be able to reach an opponent or go through an object. 

Spooky, eh! This is the emotion that you want others to feel while you kill them. If you can see through walls, you will know the strategy of your opponent. They must be hiding. 

The most brilliant way of doing this would be to take some calculated risk here. Let your weakest team player get ambushed and kill your opponents after they come out of hiding.

So, you need not destroy your opponent’s plan but build your strategy to overcome it. That’s the actual cheat code. Where is the thrill in winning if you can win it easily? 

Wallhack aids in scanning the map to find other players and objects in the game. It is also purported to allow players to see through walls and other solid things to locate hidden enemies.

Avoid those Droppers too

Activision has banned software. Apparently, it was a cheat that made the user install and fire an extra payload. A Cod Dropper V 0.1 was a malware that can steal data from a targeted machine. 

It could be used to provide access to the targeted device or player’s account to others. Activision was vigilant enough to identify this dropper which was spreading a Rat- Remote Access Trojan. 

How to Identify a Dropper

If a cheat software is asking you to uninstall your firewall or anti-virus software, it can possibly be malware seeking your permission to enter. I would advise you to take a strict note of it and purchase a cheat code from a known brand. 

It is not tough to follow this at all. You just need to be suaver and more natural while using the cheats, and none would be the wiser. 

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