Ways You Can Improve Your Personal Safety


5 Ways You Can Protect Your Home

Ways You Can Improve Your Personal Safety
Ways You Can Improve Your Personal Safety

Your home is your castle, and while nobody wants to think about an intruder entering your property, it’s important that you protect yourself from this eventuality. Luckily, with new technology and some commonsense solutions, it’s becoming easier to keep your home safe, whether you’re in your living room or away. Here are some tips for protecting your home. Below in this article, we will cover the Ways You Can Improve Your Personal Safety.

1. Install security systems, inside and out

When you think of security cameras, you may think of the bulky devices you can install outside the house, but it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to install smaller cameras inside your home. Devices such as the BodyGuardz portable security camera can be accessed via your phone, and if you see anything suspicious, you can sound a loud alarm that acts as a deterrent.

Outdoor security systems are useful too, as they can deter against common crimes such as vandalism or package theft. An over the door camera can be a good choice, as it allows you to see who’s at the door, speak to people remotely, or simply tell people to get off your property. 

2. Make your home seem lived-in

Nothing is more attractive to intruders than an empty house. Luckily, using new technology allows you to make your home seem lived-in, even when you’re not around. Put lights on a timer, or control them via your phone, and consider connected blinds which open and close at the touch of a button. Your neighbors can help too. Ask them to take in your trash cans and park in your driveway so you home doesn’t have that abandoned look. You should also avoid posting about your travels on social media, as burglaries have occurred due to people finding unsecured profiles and tracking when houses are empty. 

3. Change your locks regularly

When you move into a new home, there are a million things to do, so changing the locks usually isn’t on your list. However, previous owners could still have a key, as could any neighbors they’ve entrusted to feed their pets, or contractors who’ve been in the house when it was empty. Don’t pay the price for their lack of security consciousness, get the locks changed as soon as possible.

4. Use a safe

Safes aren’t 100% secure, but they are a good deterrent, as burglars will waste precious time trying to get into them. A wall safe is the most secure option, as smaller, portable safes can simply be carried out the house, ready to open later on. You can install a wall safe yourself, but it’s usually better left to the professionals for the best possible finish. You can even hide it behind a painting, like they do in movies. 

5. Be careful about letting people into your house

Many burglaries happen because thieves have got hold of a spare key or found out the security code for an alarm, giving them an easy job. You should always be cautious about who you let into your home, always checking ID and calling the company for reassurance if needed. A genuine contractor won’t mind you doing these things. Also, change your alarm code often and make sure it’s something a burglar can’t guess easily.

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