Website Designs Trends to Watch Out for in 2020


Think of the very first thing that grabs your attention once you enter a website. Is it the content, the products and services or the design of the page? Most of us would agree to the fact that the very first thing that most of us would notice on a website is its design and layout. Those are the elements that grab our attention at once. The factors of content and the marketing tactics roped in to get the business endeavor among the masses, come in next. Website design plays a very crucial role in determining how many eyeballs a business can grab for its site. The more traffic it can get to its website, the higher are the chances of conversion. Therefore, now is a great time to throw the concept of not judging a book by its cover, out of the window, especially when we have website trends to discuss about. r below in this article, we will cover the Website Designs Trends to Watch Out for in 2020.

Website Trends That Will Dominate the Better Half of 2020:

Speaking of website design trends, they always keep changing and evolving with the changing times. Therefore, as the months keep unfolding in front of us in the new year, we must do away with the old designs and watch out for the ones that shall rule the quarters of 2020. Here are a few designs to keep in your mind while creating that website of yours.

Website Designs Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Gradients 2.0-

Minimalism is great, but too much of anything can become a nuisance. The usage of minimal colors while creating sites was quite a hit back in the years, but now things have changed. Though, having minimal colors and designs are still widely appreciated, designers have shifted their ways to a more gradient-based approach. Since 2018, gradients have gradually started replacing flat and solid colors like complete white. Colors have now started blending in subtly to lend a more elegant yet simple look to the website.

Illustrations That Are Abstract-

Human brains acquire and process information the best when content is accompanied by meaningful visuals. And the process becomes all the more fun when you find illustrations on the website that can get you to think and use your brain. Abstract illustrations are a great way to get your brand to stand out amidst a host of others in the same niche. Visual illustrations have always made to the center stage while talking about the elements of website designs. But, the approach to dealing with these designs has changed quite a bit over the last few years. Organizations have started seeking refuge in more abstract designs that can speak volumes for their brand and also pique the interest of their potential customers.

Website Designs Trends to Watch Out for in 2020
Website Designs Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Geometric Shapes-

Geometric shapes shall be a bit of a rage this year in the domain of website designs. Website designers can play a lot with geometric shapes to convey a particular message or establish the name of their brand. For instance, soft lines could convey the idea of a future that is not too far away, while specific and crisp lines could mean something very definitive or strong. This trend works really well with various other website design trends like bold lines or gradients. If you are a designer help up in a non-creative limbo for a while, turn to nature to find some inspiration. She shall not fail you.


Website designing is nothing less than a form of art. It requires you to come up with the right mix of colors, fonts and visuals to be able to make a lasting impression on your target audience and create a brand image that will remain in the minds of your potential customers. Therefore, it is essential that you keep an eye out for the trends that keep coming up with every passing day and inculcate those in your artistic endeavors to be able to reap the best out of them.

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