What Does An IT Service Desk Do?


In today’s world, the crucial role that Information Technology (IT) plays in facilitating our daily business activities cannot be overstated. A significant part of this IT backbone is the service desk, which plays an instrumental role in ensuring the smooth running of operations in many organisations. To better understand its role, we shall delve into what an IT service desk is and the functions it performs.

Defining the IT Service Desk

At its most basic, an IT service desk is a centralised hub where users can get assistance for any IT-related issues or requests. Essentially, it serves as a single point of contact between end-users and the IT department. The IT service desk’s primary function is to ensure that the users’ problems are addressed promptly and their business operations suffer minimal interruption.

Key Functions of an IT Service Desk

Incident Management

One of the fundamental functions of an IT service desk is incident management. This involves handling all reports of service interruptions. Once an issue is reported, the service desk works to restore normal service operations as quickly as possible to minimise any adverse effects on business processes.

Request Fulfilment

In addition to resolving IT incidents, service desks handle service requests. These requests could be for access to applications, new hardware, software installations, or password resets. The aim is to fulfil these requests within agreed service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure users can perform their jobs without unnecessary delays.

Problem Management

Another crucial role of the IT service desk is problem management, which involves diagnosing the root causes of IT problems and finding a solution. Unlike incident management, problem management focuses on preventing problems and resulting incidents from happening, to eliminate recurring incidents.

The Value of IT Service Desks to Businesses

An IT service desk brings numerous benefits to an organisation. These include:

Improved Efficiency

With an IT service desk, organisations can effectively manage their IT systems, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. The service desk helps to reduce downtime by rapidly resolving IT incidents and fulfilling service requests.

Increased User Satisfaction

By providing a single point of contact for all IT issues and requests, the service desk ensures that users get timely assistance. This significantly increases user satisfaction, as they can depend on the service desk to address their IT needs.

IT Service Desks in the UK

In the UK, several companies provide IT service desk solutions to businesses. One such company is Littlefish, which offers a range of IT services, including incident management, request fulfilment, and problem management. These organisations help UK businesses to leverage IT effectively, enabling them to operate more efficiently and compete in today’s digital world.


In a nutshell, the IT service desk plays an essential role in any business that relies on IT for its operations. By handling incident management, request fulfilment, and problem management, the service desk ensures that business operations run smoothly. Furthermore, by improving efficiency and user satisfaction, the service desk contributes significantly to the overall success of the business. As technology continues to evolve, the role of the IT service desk will only become more critical. Hence, investing in a robust IT service desk is crucial for businesses that want to thrive in the digital age.

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