What Exactly is a Zoom Room? 


Exactly is a Zoom Room

With the momentum shift towards work from home-based jobs, video conferencing software like Zoom Rooms is instrumental to keep the project teams connected when working remotely. 

Zoom Room takes the help of a dedicated hardware system to organize virtual meetings from a specified conference hall or a meeting room. 

The hardware of Zoom Room including touch boards, computers, and tablets makes it a lot easier to organize team meetings overcoming the geographical limitations. 

Zoom rooms are equipped with plenty of exciting features like the Breakout Rooms, which allows you to split a large group call into smaller groups. This is of great help when you need to brief a particular group of people and at the same time, you are willing to end the call as well. 

There’s another cool feature called In-Meeting Chat, using which you can send private messages to any participant of the video call. The Meeting Recording feature enables you to record the whole or part of the meeting manually or automatically. 

Zoom Rooms are there for you to enjoy hassle-free team meetings at the click of a button.

Why Choose Zoom Rooms? 

The question: ‘ what is a zoom room’ has some worth because we already have software like Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams that facilitate virtual meetings. But this software is often studded with technical issues, and most of the users are not satisfied with them. 

Gives you the ease to integrate your audio and video: the audio and video hardware is integrated as per your needs. It gives you the ease of using your preferred audio and video. It eliminates the need of watching long tutorials, starting your meetings is so easy with zoom room

Platform to Collaborate: Remote work is becoming the thing of today and is a thing of tomorrow. With so much emphasis on remote working, virtual meetings are the only medium to interact with the team, and Zoom room is a revolutionary concept that eliminates the physical boundaries. 

Get More Control: Zoom Rooms are equipped with a lot of handy features that enable you to transform the meetings right from your fingertips. The features like in-room people counting, integration with touch boards, are the perfect fit for professional meetings. While there are features like lock meetings, show non-video participants, and rename cameras are offered by none but Zoom Rooms. 

If you too are looking for a high-end virtual meeting platform for your business or work needs, then Zoom Rooms might just be the software for you.

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