What You Need to Know About Security When Working from Home


With more and more people working from home, it’s extremely important that businesses and employees take their online security responsibilities seriously. below in this article, we will cover the What You Need to Know About Security When Working from Home.

Working from home offers so many great opportunities, but it can open businesses up to greater risks if security measures aren’t up to scratch. However, there’s plenty that can be done to limit these risks and ensure that employees can work from home with the same level of security they would have if they were at the office. 

Here are some of the key areas you should look at if you’re starting to work from home.  

Be Knowledgeable About Online Security 

Your company should be taking steps to ensure all employees are well educated about online security, but even if they are not, you can stay up to date with the latest protocols. 

You have a responsibility to protect your business’s security, even when you are working from home, so it’s important to know about the risks. 

Make sure you are aware of issues such as phishing emails, public wifi, using secure routers, and being careful with third party apps. It’s not just your business’s security that’s at risk, but it’s your own personal security as well. 

Work with the Cloud

One of the best ways to stay secure is by accessing everything through your company’s cloud software. This means that For businesses that invested in cloud accounting software, there is enhanced mobility and a seamless accounting process. This keeps the company become agile to adapt on ever changing demands of the industry. 

Cloud services put responsibility for security in the hands of the providers and your business, who both put large resources into keeping everything safe. By saving your data on the cloud, you give it a much greater layer of protection than when saving locally on your own device. 

Use a VPN

Your company might already provide you with VPN services, but even if they don’t, they are well worth having even for your personal use. A VPN, or Verified Private Network, helps add an extra layer of security by hiding your IP address, encrypting data transfers, and masking your location. 

These extra layers of protection can help stop security breaches and ensure that both yours and your employer’s information is kept safe. 

There are free VPN services, but they’re not necessarily the most secure, so it’s worth doing some research and making sure you’re getting the right VPN.

Keep Updating 

Software updates are one of the ways providers try and stay one step ahead of hackers and scammers. 

Outdated software is exactly what hackers look for, so you’ve got to make sure you’re updating things like your Mcafee CASB program if you are using cloud computing before you start working from home and continue to do so as new updates come out. 


It seems so simple given the technology we have available to us in 2020, but regularly updating passwords is still an extremely effective way of staying secure online. 

If someone gains access to your accounts, there’s no telling how much damage they can do, so it’s vitally important that you keep making strong passwords and update them regularly. It might be a slight inconvenience, but it’s well worth it in the long run.

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