What’s trending in mobile website design in 2023?


Tempus Fugit wrote Virgil. For those of us a little rusty with our Latin, this often coined phrase translates as “time flies”. And time flies faster in digital land than some other industries. We are already over halfway through 2022 and now is the time to start looking at the top web design trends set to impact the industry in 2023. Let’s take a look at the mobile website designs predicted to be hot next year and how you can stay ahead of the pack. Plus should you look for a Web design company in Melbourne or can anyone deliver the goods?

As the world continues to recover from the pandemic and evolves to the new landscape that emerges, with these challenges comes a revitalised optimism that all things can be overcome, in way or another. Continued quarantine periods have changed the way we work, live and use technology in a very short space of time. These are spirited times and web design trends reflect that.

The intelligence of machine learning and uptake in all that it has to offer point to websites becoming ever more tailored to the individual. Users expect their browsing experience to be highly relevant to their needs and will quickly drop content not meeting their needs.

Mobile website design, as with all mobile website design, needs to offer your customers fluidity and functionality. The appeal needs to be present from the outset if you wish to keep users on your site. Therefore, utilising the multi skill sets of a web design company in Melbourne, or elsewhere in Australia, is key to ensuring that your content is delivered in the most effective and on trend manner.

The fundamentals in web design that you should know

First impressions still count. They really do. 48% of users viewed website design as indicative of business credibility. To be taken seriously your online credentials are seen as a direct representation of your business by almost half the people that visit your site. 

Do not underestimate the power of an up to date, well presented and easy to navigate experience. This includes pages loading within 2 seconds or less. We all know that bad news travels fast and people are very likely to tell their friends about a poor browsing experience as much as they are a good one. 

Think how likely you are to make a purchase or pursue more information from a vendor whose site does not display correctly on your device. Similarly if there is too much content to wade through or the navigation is not obvious. It’s a frustrating experience isn’t it? Well, that is exactly how your customers perceive you and your business. If content is well designed, not overwhelming and everything loads as it should shoppers are far more likely to engage with you and tell others about their positive experience. 

The basics count. Have you got them sorted?

The hottest web design trends for 2023 create a slick, simple and customised experience from the go get. Ensure your site has plenty of blank space so content is obvious and relevant. Remove the fluff. The space doesn’t have to be white but ensuring areas of no content at all is like a visual sigh where the reader gets to rest their eyes before moving on refreshed to the next tasty morsel of information.

Don’t think that minimalism means neutral colours. Colour is key in 2023 but so is understanding the colour wheel. Colour interacts with us, influencing how we feel through subtle yet powerful responses. If you are insure if your shade of green provokes fear or trust then get in touch with a web design company in Melbourne or elsewhere to understand how emotional design packs a big punch to your consumers.

Add micro animations so it’s obvious what your business can do for them. A neat GIF can express a whole paragraph of text and is instantly engaging. Short videos, under two minutes, can keep visitors spending more time on your site. It’s much easier to engage with information in an interactive sound bite than scrolling through inches of text. If you’ve been considering adding this feature to your website, now’s the time to do it.

You’ve got the basics sorted. What’s next?

Engaging a digital agency to assist with your e-commerce platform can take it to the next level. Engaging with a web design company in Melbourne will make all the difference in creating an on trend website. If you are unsure what asymmetric layouts or flat design are then your mobile website design could be missing out on some key themes on the rise and set to continue in 2023. 

Getting left behind in the digital marketing stakes can be damaging to your reputation, and your bottom line, as purchasers make preconceived ideas around your competence and relevance. Seeking professional advice will breathe fresh new life in to your digital platforms and ensure responsive and adaptive designs that interact with your customers effectively.

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