Who Called Me from This Phone Number


Receiving an incoming call from a known phone number is typical. You may be curious about the anonymous callers in some circumstances and you may be wondering, who called me from this phone number?

It can be a practical joker, an old friend, a salesperson, a robot, or a stalker. Knowing who phoned you would make it easier for you to take the appropriate action, such as returning the call or blocking the phone numbers to stop more calls.

It can be challenging to choose one phone lookup tool among the many available. 

Here is a list of the top site for helping you answer your question on ‘Who Called Me from This Phone Number’, also we have provided their advantages, disadvantages, popular features, vital specifications, and website links to guide you.

Best Tools and Resources for Identifying Who Called You

  1. PeopleFinders 
  2. TruthFinder 
  3. Numlooker
  4. TruePeopleSearch, and 
  5. Instant Checkmate

1) TruePeopleSearch

The best overall apps for identifying callers

One of the greatest ways to discover who phoned or called you from an unknown number is with TruePeopleSearch.

You may get the details of any person in the USA using this free search engine, which is available on mobile devices and web browsers. You don’t need to register on the website to access the search results.

Your online activities on the site are private and untraceable to outside parties. You may use the site safely because your IP addresses are hidden. 

According to TruePeopleSearch, all the data is gathered from open sources like phone bills, criminal history databases, and birth certificates. 

The search method is lawful because all data gathered and shown on the search result page is accessible to the general public.

Caller ID, any family members, known associates, phone numbers, age and date of birth, citations for moving violations, and email addresses are all included in the search report.

What are the Features of TruePeopleSearch: 

  • An address lookup reveals who resides at a specific address. The person’s name, social media accounts, and contact details are all visible.
  • Reverse phone lookup: Informs you of the identity of the caller from a certain number.
  • Email searches: This function offers additional information and specifics about a person.
  • Public record search: You can look for a person’s arrest, marriage, and divorce records, among other public data.

Advantages of TruePeopleSearch (Pros)

  • Because the content is simple to understand, browsing is simple.
  • There are no commercials that are annoying.
  • The website can be used without registering.

Disadvantages of TruePeopleSearch (Cons)

  • The site’s data isn’t always correct because updates take time.
  • If you haven’t registered on the site, you can’t save your search results.

Link: https://truepeoplesearch.net/ 

2) Numlooker

The Best App For Quickly Recognizing Any Unknown Caller Is Numlooker

A free reverse phone number lookup service is offered by Numlooker. Without picking up the phone, you may check the caller ID for free from unknown numbers. 

Either the manual or automatic mode is available. You must type the phone number’s digits into the search bar to use the Manual method. 

As soon as you receive the call, the information will be shown in automatic mode.

The website has a database that will display the caller’s name, caller ID, social media accounts, address, and location.

Additionally, it shows details about their relatives and any criminal histories.

What are the Features of Numlooker? 

  • If the caller’s mobile number is not in your contact list, Who Calls Me can assist you quickly determine who is calling.
  • Email lookup: Informs you of every email address connected to a person.
  • People search: It enables you to look for a person’s contact information, present location, and social media accounts using only their name.
  • Public record search: You can look for a person’s criminal history, marriage, divorce, and employment history, among other things.
  • A background check might inform you of a person’s criminal history.
  • Address lookup: This feature enables you to learn who resides at a certain address and how to get in touch with them.

Advantages of Numlooker (Pros)

It offers a free reverse phone lookup service.

On a mobile device, all functionalities are available without the need to download any software.

The search report contains factual information.

Disadvantages of Numlooker (Cons)

It could omit to disclose other details like the caller’s occupation.

Link: https://numlooker.com/

3) PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders are the best for learning the caller’s name and getting a detailed report.

PeopleFinders is a company directory that anyone can use to learn more about companies. The offered report provides contact information for the companies, such as phone numbers, addresses, and websites. 

They offer social media accounts and reverse phone search in addition to business information.

By serving as an online directory, this website gives consumers an alternate method of browsing for business information. 

As a result, you are not need to seek through several websites for information. The website’s user-friendly interface also makes it easier to discover immediate results.

What are the Features of PeopleFinders: 

  • Lookup services for phone numbers: You can use this tool to find out who called you from a particular phone number.
  • Public record: Criminal, marriage, and divorce records are all searchable.
  • Address search: This feature makes it easier to find out who resides at a certain address and how to get in touch with them.
  • A business directory: It offers contact information for both domestic and foreign companies, including firm addresses.

Advantages of PeopleFinders (Pros)

It is available and simple to use.

The search results are shown right away.

They provide business information to both domestic and foreign companies.

Disadvantages of PeopleFinders (Cons)

The persons search is restricted because PeopleFinders is more focused on corporate profiles.

Visit this website for more information: reverse-phone

4) TruthFinder 

Is the Best Resource For Getting More Information

A thorough public record search is available to you using the people search engine TruthFinder. It allows you to look up a person’s contact information and criminal history. 

A reverse phone lookup option on the website also enables you to find out who called you from unknown numbers. 

The results of a reverse phone lookup reveal the owner of the number and whether the call originated from a landline or a mobile device.

On iOS and Android, TruthFinder can be downloaded for nothing. You may access more features and data than on the free version thanks to in-app purchases, though. 

Additionally, it is connected with Facebook, providing you with more precise details about a certain contact.

What are the Features of TruthFinder? 

  • Unknown calls from landlines or mobile phones can be identified with the aid of reverse phone lookup.
  • Public records search: This tool offers thorough information from public databases, such as criminal histories, social media profiles, and contact details.
  • Facebook integration: This feature provides you with more details regarding a certain contact.
  • People’s search: This search engine enables you to discover a person’s criminal history and contact details.

Advantages of TruthFinder (Pros) 

  • Both Android and iOS mobile devices can access its mobile apps.
  • comprehensive information on paid plans is provided.
  • Clearly stated instructions on how to use the data.
  • has the latest up-to-date contact details.

Advantages of TruthFinder (Cons)

  • There is no trial period offered.
  • It is not possible to buy individual reports.

Link: www.truthfinder.com 

5) Instant Checkmate

The largest reverse phone lookup directory is offered by Instant Checkmate.

One of the top sources of public information, Instant Checkmate, contains data on both living and deceased individuals. 

You can save hours of background checks by having all the information in one place. By banning them after the phone number is recognized or ringing back if you missed an incoming call from a known person, this program assists in preventing calls from telemarketers that are unknown to you.

Social media profiles and contact details are among the data in the report. 

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The website also provides a reverse phone lookup service that enables you to learn more about the caller.

What are the Features of Instant Checkmate: 

  • Background check: This function compiles contact information and social media profiles in one location.
  • Reverse phone lookup services: Knowing more about an enigmatic caller is useful.
  • People search: If a person is not in your phone book, you can use this to check out their criminal history and send them a contact request.
  • Finding an inmate, prisoner, or criminal is made easier by using an inmate search. 

Advantages of Instant Checkmate (Pros)?

  • Comprehensive reports are provided in a single search.
  • Its premium plan features a fair five-day grace period.
  • Clearly explains how to use the knowledge and provides examples.
  • Its user interface is friendly.

Disadvantages of Instant Checkmate (Cons)?

  • The loading of the reports could be slow.
  • There is no way to buy individual reports.

Link: https://www.instantcheckmate.com/

6) SearchPeopleFree

There is a great program called SearchPeopleFree that lets you find out which phone numbers are calling, and you can try it out for free. 

You can put the phone number in the search field to get all the necessary caller information.

Name, residence, age, court records, family, and contact information are all included in the research report. 

Additionally, you can determine whether the number is a mobile or landline.

What are the Features of SearchPeopleFree?

  • Reverse phone lookup: It enables you to learn who called you from an obscene number.
  • Public records: They include details like name, residence, age, date of birth, court records, family members, and contact info.
  • Background check: This is useful to learn more about the caller’s past.
  • Free reverse phone lookup: This feature enables you to learn more about the caller.
  • Reverse email lookup: Using someone’s email address, it’s possible to find out more information about them. 

The Advantages of SearchPeopleFree (Pros)

  • Ha a user interface that is adaptable and simple to use.
  • cost-effective pricing options.
  • The outcomes are accurate and trustworthy.
  • Instant search results are provided.

The Disadvantages of SearchPeopleFree (Cons) 

  • Limited information is included in the search report of the free trial.

Link: https://searchpeoplefree.net/

7) PeopleFinderFree

PeopleFinderFree Provides the Best Results for Protecting Your Money from Scammers

You can use PeopleFinderFree to locate someone’s contact details, social media accounts, and criminal history. 

To learn more about the individual calling you from an unknown number, use the reverse phone tool. The website has a database that carefully examines all the data before returning a thorough report.

Additionally, by validating their contacts, the program might assist you in reestablishing contact with former acquaintances. The target’s phone number, identity, criminal history, court records, residence, age, and date of birth are all included in the search report. 

Additional information is also available, including records of sex offenders, arrests, and citations for moving violations.

What are the Features of PeopleFinderFree?

  • Public search: Displays information about people’s properties, ages, and evaluation reports.
  • Reverse phone number lookup: This tool gives you more information about the caller who used an unknown number to call you.
  • Address lookup: Provides information about the caller’s residence as well as the owner’s contact details.
  • Background check: Shows traffic tickets, arrest history, and court records. 

The Advantages of PeopleFinderFree (Pros) 

  • The data on the website is correct.
  • Users who sign up on a monthly basis have access to more data.
  • The website’s UI is user-friendly.
  • It is linked to a sizable records database.

The Disadvantages of PeopleFinderFree (Pros) 

  • It gives you way more information than you may require.
  • Online, you are unable to reject the service.

Link: https://peoplefinderfree.com/ 

8) FirstPeopleSearch

FirstPeopleSearch Is Best For Offering the simplest way to discover who is calling me from an unknown numberFirstPeopleSearch is a people search engine that enables you to learn who called, texted, or emailed you and their identity. 

Before returning a call or preventing missed ones, you could utilize the reverse phone lookup to verify the caller’s identity. 

The website aids in preventing calls from telemarketers and stalkers as well as calls from any unknown number.

FirstPeopleSearch’s search report includes social media contacts and contact details.

Additionally, you can learn more about a person’s past addresses, jobs, and educational background. You can save time and money because all the data is shown on a single screen.

What are the Features of FirstPeopleSearch?

  • Public records: These contain addresses, employment histories, and educational information.
  • You can learn more about the callers from unknown numbers by using a phone number search.
  • Email search: Using an email address, you can use this function to learn more about a sender’s identity and contact details.
  • People search: When you enter a person’s name, this tool shows information about them.
  • Address lookup: Aids in learning more about the area code of the caller and details about a home or property owner at a certain address. 

The Advantages of FirstPeopleSearch (Pros) 

  • Since everything is presented on a single screen, it is simple to use.
  • It features a database to make search results easier to find.
  • Information about the caller is displayed right away.
  • The outcomes are available without cost.

The Disadvantages of FirstPeopleSearch (Cons) 

  • Sometimes the data is wrong and out of date.

Link: https://fastpeoplesearch.io 

9) Whitepages

Whitepages Offers the Best Service for Revealing Personal Information About Anyone Whitepages is a people search tool that aids in identifying an enigmatic caller. 

The website legalizes the procedure by identifying callers and phone carriers using a public record database. 

You may find businesses’ phone numbers and email addresses using the telephone finder on Whitepages. Because of this, Whitepages is one of the most used websites for determining who is calling you.

Its comprehensive database’s search report will include contacts, landlines, mobile numbers, and other useful data. 

Additionally, financial records, fraud ratings, and information about properties and businesses are available. 

Additionally, Whitepages offers analyses on search trends, liens, and professional licensing.

What are the Features of Whitepages?

  • Business search: It gives you contact information for businesses, including phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Reverse phone lookup: This feature helps you learn more about the individual who called you from an unidentified number and discover any more contact information.
  • Background check: Used to gather contact and social media information.
  • Reverse address lookup: It’s useful to learn more about the caller and details on the owner of the house or other property at the present address.
  • People search: Uses a person’s name to provide details like contacts, addresses, and relatives. Cons Pros

The Advantages of Whitepages (Pros) 

  • The pricing is straightforward and reasonable.
  • A free background check is available.
  • It gives business-related information.
  • Search results appear immediately.

The Disadvantages of Whitepages (Pros) 

  • The website is only accessible to users in the United States.
  • Sometimes the data is not entirely accurate.

Link: https://www.whitepages.com 

10) Truecaller 

It uses a community-based spam list to alert you against unsolicited calls while also helping you identify unfamiliar incoming calls.

With the use of the spy dialer Truecaller, you can view the contact information of a target before fielding any ominous calls. 

To determine if a call is safe or spam, it uses data obtained from other networks. You can choose safe calls and ban telemarketers, unsolicited calls, and fraudsters thanks to this.

Phone numbers, email addresses, physical locations, and names of persons connected to a person or an address are among the details you’ll find using the search. 

Before picking up or blocking a call, you can also find out from where it is from.

What are the Features of Truecaller?

  • Caller ID: It provides you with additional information about callers from ominous numbers.
  • Spam blocking: Any spam phone number is reported by the community, and Truecaller automatically blocks obnoxious calls.
  • Messaging: You can make Truecaller your default messaging app so that you don’t have to switch between them to send text messages.
  • Intelligent dialer: Displays the name of the person you are phoning so you know who you are calling in fact.
  • Receive a notification when a profile is viewed.
  • Make and schedule phantom phone calls to help you steer clear of actual spammers. 

The Advantages of Truecaller (Pros) 

  • supports both web-based platforms and mobile phone apps.
  • There is a free version of it that offers caller ID details.
  • It functions as a calling and texting app.
  • It Instantaneously provides information.

The Advantages of Truecaller (Pros) 

  • Some data, including who visited my profile, is only available to premium subscribers.
  • Sometimes the information, data’s and outcomes are not reliable because of inaccuracy. 

Link: https://www.truecaller.com 

FAQ on Who called me from this phone number

How can you find out who called you on the phone if it’s hidden?

The best way to find out who is calling you is to perform a reverse phone lookup, which enables you to find out the target person’s personal contact information. 

Reverse phone lookups are available on the websites mentioned above. They can be used to locate the caller and learn more about them, including their address, job background, and criminal past, if any.

How can I find a person’s public records?

You can use a people search engine to seek for a person’s public information. You can use a people search engine to determine who called you from an unknown number. 

Their names, addresses, families, and social media profiles will all be listed in the report. You can use the persons search engines on the websites we’ve linked above to find out who is calling you.

Which apps are the best for finding out who called you?

The Best Apps for Caller ID are listed below:

  1. TruthFinder, 
  2. PeopleFinders
  3. Numlooker
  4. TruePeopleSearch, and 
  5. Instant Checkmate

How should I select a phone lookup service?

The features provided should be taken into account while selecting a phone lookup service. 

Reliable platforms must to provide services like reverse phone lookup, criminal history checks, residential addresses, and email lookup.

You should also take the pricing strategy into account. Check out a provider with a free version if you want a simple search report.

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