Who is the largest 3PL in North America?


Your search for who is the largest 3PL in North America ends here. 3PL or third-party logistics for nearly four decades, 3PL became famous in North America and worldwide. As a result, many companies outsource part of their distribution and fulfillment services to 3PL providers. As a result, the global logistics market will reach 12.9 from 7.6 trillion dollars from 2017 to 2027, raising their need. Especially in North America, where the logistics market valued at 1.3 trillion dollars in 2020 is to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% to reach   2.1 trillion by 2030. Though there are many 3PL providers in North America, Go Freight Hub is the largest for its many benefits.

 So, check out the many benefits of the best 3PL to make it the largest in North America for providing partial or full of the supply chain functions of Fortune 100 to small companies.

Why is the need for 3PLs increasing in North America?

 With over ten percent of the global logistics value contributed by North America, it continues to require more 3PL services. Many factors drive North America’s logistics market, like the increasing export of goods to emerging economies like India, Indonesia, and Thailand. Also, the booming e-commerce market rose by 14.2% in 2021 as US consumers spent 870.78 billion dollars online compared to 762.68 billion dollars in 2020. Hence the need for 3PLs is increasing in North America, and there are

What are the services that make 3PL the largest in North America?

 Though many 3PL providers in the US offer logistics services across North America and worldwide, only a few can provide most supply chain functions. Hence for you to know the largest 3PL in North America, you need to know all the services offered by the best 3PL to fulfill the logistical needs of many companies. Go Freight Hub is one of the best 3PL providers, asset-based and tech-enabled, to provide the following among other services.

 1. Offers an easy online on-demand freight quote system

 Easy to get quotes within seconds for transportation by selecting the transport, whether local, last mile, LTL, nationwide, or container drayage. After keying in the origin and destination pin code and the weight, equipment, packaging, email, and name, you get the quote instantly. It will help you refer it to other 3PL providers to know that it is comparatively less without any compromise in the service and safety of the goods.

2. Asset-based Full Truckload carrier

 We have 42 self-owned assets like dry van trailers, refrigerated trailers, flatbed trailers, doll trailers, etc. We transport perishable, hazardous, and oversize cargo nationwide, complying with all rules with utmost safety.

 3. Tech-enables logistical solutions

 The in-house proprietary TMS or transportation management system offer tech-enabled solutions from start to finish for all logistical needs for companies to track their products in real-time with GPS facility, automated updates, geofencing algorithms, etc.

 4. Safe storage of goods in warehouse

 Provide flexible space warehousing solutions with over 100,000 sq. ft. Go WHSE Hub. It helps to provide cost-effective, transparent, eco-friendly, and complaint warehousing solutions for any goods to be safe. Short- and long-term storage facilities are available for even perishable goods with temperature-controlled storage. In addition, the WMS or warehouse management system enables easy e-commerce fulfillment for easy pick and pack and other facilities.

 5. Value-added services

 There are also many value-added services to make it the best 3PL provider. A few of them include packaging & crating for all goods, customs clearance, immediate payment upon product fulfillment, quick order processing for products to reach their destination fast, etc.

 Go Freight Hub offers all the above services to make it the largest 3PL in North America.  

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