Why Businesses Are Scrambling To Hire Python Developers And What Skills To Look For


At the beginning of their career, nearly every would-be software developer Googles “What coding and programming language should I learn?” And even now, more than 30 years after its inception, Python still lands on every top 5 list of programming languages. Year after year, the Stack Overflow survey repeatedly ranks Python as one of the most desired coded languages in the world. That’s because many of the most popular — and profitable — businesses online are built on the back of Python. This is why so many businesses are looking to hire Python developers.

Python has proven its staying power, with its popularity only growing in the banking, finance, healthcare, information technology, and entertainment sectors. Here are the most compelling reasons why Python is so popular, and what to screen for when you hire Python developers for your next project.

Why is Python so Popular?

It’s easy to learn: Python is universally praised for its ease of access and readability, since it is constructed similarly to English, making the syntax easier for programmers to recognize and interpret. This creates a stable pool of tech talent familiar with the language, making it easier for businesses to find and hire Python developers.

It’s well-supported: Resources are widely available for learning about Python and problem-solving, with an array of guides, tutorials and documentations downloadable for free. There is even a free style guide for coding optimally with Python, called PEP 8.

It’s free! Python is open-source and freely available, even for commercial use. Startups in particular often select Python for this reason. 

It’s flexible and versatile: Python can be used in applications as varied as website and game development, data analysis, and machine learning. Businesses find it advantageous to hire dedicated Python web developers as their skillset can be applied so broadly.

It’s streamlined: Python’s built-in libraries enable a single line of code to perform multiple functions.

It’s fast to develop: Though known to be a ‘slow’ language to execute (as it’s interpreted during run time), Python saves time during the development process, which cuts down time-to-market. In addition, there are indications that Python 3.11 will be potentially twice as fast, thanks to the Microsoft-funded Faster CPython project. This makes Python an even more attractive option so  more companies choose to hire Python developers.

How do I prepare to hire dedicated Python developers?

To help you evaluate if you should hire dedicated Python developers, begin by clearly defining your project’s scope, its goals, and what they will require. Consider the following:

  • How large is your project?
  • How much do you expect to scale in the near future?
  • What stage is your project in?
  • What is your projected time-to-market?
  • What data infrastructure does your organization already use? Developers you hire may need to work extensively with the systems you already have in place.

What Skills Should I Evaluate When I Hire A Dedicated Python Web Developer?

With the parameters of your project in mind, you are now ready to find your best Python developer candidates for hiring. But how can you distinguish the best?

While it may be tempting to settle for a ‘jack of all trades,’ your project will proceed much more smoothly with dedicated Python web developers. Generally, here are the fundamentals to look for:

  • Expertise in Core Python.
  • Understanding of generators, iterators, OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts.
  • Familiarity with Python web frameworks, the most popular of which are Django and Flask.
  • Knowledge of Object Relational Mapping (ORM) libraries, such as Django ORM and SQLAlchemy.
  • Familiarity with front end technologies like JavaScript to ensure a smooth match between front-end and server-side applications. Many back–end developers pick up some degree of familiarity with front-end languages through experience. This means your team can work together more cohesively for a polished final product.
  • Ability to optimize data algorithms and work with data from multiple sources.
  • Methodical debugging skills: it goes without saying that Python web developers – like all web developers – must be able to debug code. However, reading and debugging Python is often more complex than with other languages. Even though the language itself is easier to read, it may be more difficult to identify all the functions a piece of code is performing. If you are considering bringing on new or additional Python web developers to complete an existing project, this becomes doubly important.
  • Optional but useful: Experience working with cloud computing services like AWS.

How can I Hire Remote Python Web Developers?

Thanks to advances in online collaboration tools, it’s more feasible than ever for your development projects to be completed remotely by skilled programmers. 

When searching for individual developers,  job sites like Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, TopTal, and Python.org can be good places to start. This requires a high degree of coordination to ensure that each individual programmer is bringing the right skill set for the project to the table. 

Another option is to work with a development partner who will help you hire python developers for your project, to ensure the best results. They are the best option as they can analyze what your company needs and choose the right team for you.

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