Why Is Minecraft So Popular?


If the last game insider in your search was wrong about the Hytale beta release date, you have found the right place to check it. The closest date of its release is this year. Below in this article, we will cover the Why Is Minecraft So Popular?

While waiting for the Hytale gameplay, let’s recollect another globally famous project that inspired Hytale PS4 developers. Yes, you get the gist: Minecraft. Let’s talk about why Minecraft is still incredibly popular. 

Perfect for Any Whimsical Player

By installing Minecraft, you can play as many games as you want. IYou are the one who creates a perfect game. Depending on one’s preferences, a Minecraft player can choose between five modes. Just decide what is your favorite thing: to construct, fight, learn new things, overcome challenges, or … just watch. 

  • Creative mode. You might have already heard about a sandbox game. This is exactly what Minecraft is. You get an endless supply of tools and resources, and you are free to build anything you want. Do not worry about staying healthy or fighting zombies. If you are more of an architect than a fighter, this mode is perfect for you. 
  • Survival mode. It’s the most popular option since you get the best of all other modes. Here, the player must care about their health and hunger, gather resources, construct buildings, and fight the enemies. 
  • Adventure mode. If you love stories and epic battles, this mode is excellent. Like a knight on a mission, you will fight “bad” guys (because you are “good”) and use pickaxes Enchantments to get into secret rooms. 
  • Hardcore mode. Well, the name speaks for itself. The player keeps special attention to health and hunger. There are more enemies and more traps. Satisfying your hunger and maintaining health is pretty challenging. The mode is definitely for experienced players or the ones who get easily bored.
  • Spectator mode. It’s perfect for beginners. Want to learn to play Minecraft but tired of traditional tutorials? Watch others building worlds, and once you learn the basics, try creating your own. 

Simple and Quirky

Why Is Minecraft So Popular?
Why Is Minecraft So Popular?

Minecraft is a voxel-based game. It’s great because Minecraft’s voxels occupy little HDD space. As a result, you do not need a rig with extraordinary characteristics to run the game. Your video card might be average, and an Xbox is optional. Whether you are a have-it-all or a have-not player, Minecraft is a perfect game for your rig by default. 

The design of box-like voxels is adorable. Whether you are a fan of intricate details in Firewatch or programmatic art in Geometry Wars, you cannot deny that voxels remind you of childhood Lego building or cubic blocks. Just let your inner child out. 

Meanwhile, if Minecraft skins & textures are too simple for you, choose special shaders and texture packs to make the graphics brighter or more realistic.

Excellent for Daydreamers and Adventurers

Always dreamed about living in a perfect world? Thanks to Minecraft, now you can. 

The best thing about the game is that it never ends. Minecraft’s open worlds let players build spaces in any way. Found no Lego pack to build a perfect castle? Minecraft has all the tools to construct a building of your dream. 

Always wanted to fly? Check the creative mode. If you are more interested in operating aircraft while destroying the enemies, War Thunder review PS4 is a great article you might want to check. 

If all games you have ever played were predictable, try Minecraft. The world of Minecraft has no boundaries. Once you start moving to the far horizon, you will never reach it. But you will meet many unexpected characters like villagers and monsters to fight. Because of constant surprises, Minecraft is never boring.

If you want to dive into the adventure with your friends, check the multiplayer mode. Customize authentic characters by downloading Minecraft skins online, and you are ready to conquer the world! It’s always funnier to fight monsters and search for valuable items with someone else. And it’s always pleasant to share the loot with someone you truly like behind the screen mode.

The Game is an Encyclopedia of Monsters

If you are more of a peaceful player than a fighter, you may stay in a creative mode. Nonetheless, we advise you to try survival or adventure modes. Because each monster in Minecraft is unique, you have to work on armor and weapons. Search for resources, craft weapons, and you are good to fight!

  • Creeper. It’s the most annoying creature in Minecraft. The character of social media memes, Creeper attacks players from behind. If the player’s earphones work badly, they may not even hear the monster’s creepy whisper (no pun intended). 
  • Zombies. Very common characters in folklore and computer games. While Zombies in Minecraft are afraid of fire, their children, Baby Zombies, are immune to fire and run faster than their parents. 
  • Witches. Like in good old folklore, witches in Minecraft use potions, grow warts on noses, and wear hats. They also live in a swamp, just like in Stardew Valley. The antidote to the witch’s potion is … milk. 
  • Endermen. They are unusual creatures living in the Underworld and the End. Do not frown upon Endermen – they attack once you look at them. You can kill them with water or make them fall from the cliff.
  • Magma Cube. The monster is a common cube. It breaks into eight pieces when attacked. Killing Magma Cube is difficult, but the player can try a bow. 

Minecraft Gives You Power

Let’s be honest: we all crave power. Seems like Minecraft developers used this knowledge. In Minecraft, you are the only king or queen of reality. Whether you cure Zombie Villagers with a potion, recreate Hogwarts-like castles, or fight Magma Cubes, you are omnipotent. Minecraft is an endless universe of stories and characters. Unlike in real life, it never gets boring.

Final Thoughts

In the best-selling game of the computer epoch, you can find everything you want. Minecraft is a game of endless worlds and possibilities. Building castles and fighting monsters have never been funnier. Try it yourself. While you are playing Minecraft game, like million players around the globe, time will fly. Minecraft will definitely make you are waiting for Hytale more pleasant.

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