Why Is There Such a Disparity in the Price Range of CBD Oils?


If you’ve been anywhere in the last couple of years you are sure to have seen or heard people talking about CBD or CBD oils. That’s because there has been a tidal wave of CBD products hitting the national market in recent years. This is all a result of Congress passing the Agricultural Act of 2014 (AKA the Farm Bill) and subsequently making hemp, the plant that is grown to cultivate CBD oil, legal in all fifty states. below in this article, we will cover the Why Is There Such a Disparity in the Price Range of CBD Oils?

In doing so, the federal government opened the borders for not only every state to sell CBD to its citizens, but for states to trade between each other and for citizens to move from state to state with their CBD; All of this is a big victory in the overall “War on the War on Drugs”, as the federal government slowly but surely loosens it’s excessive laws and punishments on drug use and possession.

However, while the federal government has made CBD legal, the United States Food and Drug Administration (the FDA), a branch of the federal government, refuses to officially “approve” CBD as a credible drug.

While this accreditation may not seem that important as long as CBD is still legal, metaphorically speaking FDA approval is the difference between the minor leagues and the major leagues in any sport. Without FDA approval, Ibuprofen would just be another gas station register supplement. Truly, having FDA approval is the next step for launching CBD into the zeitgeist and into a global phenomenon.

In the present state of things, without FDA approval and with a completely open market of products both good and bad, there is no proper regulation and so some of the darker side of capitalism has started to appear. Companies scrounging to survive and make a profit in the dog eat dog world of capitalism, where only the successful make it to the next day, resort to devious things to stay alive.

Think about it this way, in a time of stress or chaos or bad judgement, we all cut corners and we all act selfishly, companies are no different.

When a bottom tier CBD company needs to sell products in order to survive, they will lower prices, and when they lower prices, so as to undercut the competition, they will realize that they can no longer afford to use the best ingredients in their oil, or pay the best workers to make their oil, or so on and so forth. Eventually, with each corner that is cut simply to make ends meet, the quality of the overall product is diminished and diminished until finally it is at a state where it is no longer recognizable to its original form.

This is when capitalism will act again, and the market as a whole will cast the company to the side, doomed to failure as no consumer will buy such a poor-quality product. But the fact that this whole process even exists can be traced back to FDA’s reluctance to officially approve CBD as a beneficial drug, and it can be traced even further back to our original question of “Why is there such a disparity in the cost?”

Now we see that the reason this disparity exists is all contingent on these factors we’ve discussed: the FDA’s decision (or lack of decision, rather) and the general need of suffering businesses to cut corners in order to exist. These two factors combined together create an environment where a disparity in price range within the market being discussed, whatever the market may be, is inevitable.

So, until one of these factors changes, and since it seems that the latter is a basic truth of capitalism and therefore cannot be changed without changing the entire capitalistic system it is up to the FDA to act, we are doomed to live in a reality of an absurd disparity between seemingly similar products.

The best way to make the best of the situation is to stay knowledgeable, and be able to tell the difference between high-quality products and low-quality products. When shopping online, website representation and product packaging are always good signs that a product is reputable.

I frequently visit Penguin CBD for their CBD oil, and I recommend it to others for the exact reason that I know they will be able to easily navigate the website, and then be presented with a clean and professional product once the CBD oil reaches their home. Now who could be unhappy with that?

I recommend them because they fit these two criteria, but also, and especially, because I know from my own experiences and those of others that the product is of top-quality time and time again.

I believe testimonials are some of the best ways to test out the market, so a good way to make an informed decision before purchasing is to find a site that has tried and ranked a number of CBD oils and separated their favorites.

Comparison shopping and listening to the opinions of other experienced consumers is the best way to ensure you make an informed and educated purchase when selecting a CBD oil. Remember to not be too hard on yourself and to keep trying until you find the right one!

Ultimately, the only way to see the paradigm shift we are hoping for when it comes to pricing with the CBD Oil market is to have the drug approved and regulated by the FDA.

The best way to enact change as a citizen is to make sure your voice is heard by your local congressman or politician, and to keep yourself educated on where the FDA stands on CBD and CBD research. Every single voice is important in our capitalist democracy so make sure your voice is heard by exercising your wallet and your vote!

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