Why Lidcombe Is a Great Area To Spend a Day


There are many great suburbs with something to offer in Sydney’s West. Lidcombe is one of those suburbs. It’s becoming more trendy every year and attracts both visitors and locals alike. There is much to see and do in and around Lidcombe and we’ll take a look at some of the highlights in this post. Below in this article, Will cover the Why Lidcombe Is a Great Area To Spend a Day.

Why Lidcombe Is a Great Area To Spend a Day
Why Lidcombe Is a Great Area To Spend a Day

Start the Day Off Right With An Awesome Breakfast

The Lidcombe district offers up a variety of dining choices. With breakfast being one of the most important meals of the day, you might be wondering where to get a good breakfast in Lidcombe.

The John Street Cafe located in Dooleys is a Lidcombe cafe and one of the best places to get breakfast in Lidcombe. It’s not the only option, but if you’re after a hearty meal to get the day started at very reasonable prices, choose something delicious from the John Street Cafe menu to begin your day on the right foot. You’ll then have all the nutrients and energy you need to explore Lidcombe and the surrounding areas.

Shopping In Lidcombe

If you love to shop and hunt for a bargain, you have some good options in the Lidcombe district. To begin with, you can explore the Lidcombe Shopping Centre, with its vast selection of specialty stores and supermarket. Chances are, you’ll find everything you want and need in this ultra-modern shopping precinct.

Scattered all across Lidcombe are various other interesting stores that you can check out, along with exploring cafes, bars and places where you can dine out. Lidcombe has everything you need when you want to shop, eat or drink.

Venture Indoors For Some Tenpin Bowling

Lidcombe is home to a fantastic place called Tenpin City, located on Parramatta Road. This is one of the very best venues in all of the Western Suburbs to have some fun with family or friends playing tenpin bowling.

You don’t have to be an expert bowler to enjoy yourself at Tenpin City. In fact, complete beginners will have the best time just trying a new sport.

Along with tenpin bowling, there are arcade games to enjoy, pool tables, darts and a cafe where you can get a snack and something to drink. There is even a bar where you can indulge in your favourite alcoholic beverage.

No visit to Lidcombe would feel complete without experiencing the fun and thrills of Tenpin City. It’s the perfect venue for parties and celebrations, even a corporate get-together.

A Day Trip To Rookwood Necropolis

The Rookwood Necropolis is one of the largest necropolises in the Southern Hemisphere and one of Australia’s oldest cemeteries. It’s also a heritage-listed site.

It sounds bizarre to suggest a day trip exploring this place, but it really is one of the area’s true wonders. The entire cemetery covers an expanse of some 314 hectares, so it’s quite massive. You could easily spend a day wandering the parklands and checking out all the very interesting graves and monuments.

The Rookwood Necropolis is far more than just an ordinary cemetery.

Lidcombe Is So Central To Surrounding Suburbs

Another really cool thing about Lidcombe is its geographical location. It’s so central in Sydney’s Western Suburbs that it can be a gateway to other suburbs and their attractions. Public transport is readily available, so even if you don’t have your own vehicle, you can still get around very easily.

Not too far west of Sydney is the picturesque Blue Mountains, with its quaint little townships and magnificent unspoilt scenery. Head further west from Lidcombe to explore this awesome wilderness and get away from city life for a day or more.

That’s just one awesome location that’s readily accessible from Lidcombe and Sydney’s West. There are loads of other fantastic suburbs to explore around Lidcombe, where you can wander beautiful parklands, check out a museum, play a round of golf, have cool fun at a water park, go out nightclubbing and so much more.

The Takeaway

Lidcombe has a lot to offer visitors and locals alike. It’s also ideally situated to allow you easy access to other parts of Western Sydney, so you can explore and find suitable attractions and entertainment opportunities.

When in Sydney, venture west and check out Lidcombe and the surrounding districts.

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