Why Palletizing Robots Are the Way to Go


Why Palletizing Robots Are the Way to Go

Over the past decade, automation has become a necessity for almost every industry. Advancement in technology has allowed for most of the activities in the industries to be automated with the results showing a staggering increase in productivity.

Scientists have thus been determined in ensuring that every sector of the industry can be automated. The packaging and palletizing department that when automated, can easily result in massive improvements to the industry. Since Industrial robots are generally faster than human or other conventional workers, here’s why you should have them installed in your industry.

1. Accomplish more for less time.

The process of packing and transporting products from one place to the other can be really tiresome when done by human workers. It’s repetitive nature also may result in boredom and thus the workers take a lot of time in completing this task.

Robots are however generally faster than humans and thus are able to do the packing much faster. Since they are programmable, they do not get tired or bored and thus are able to work overnight during the high season ensuring that your product supply meets the market demand. As a result, more products are produced in a short period thus saves you extra labor costs.

2. Reduce accidents for both workers and goods.

With the robots taking over the packing, the number of accidents occurring is likely to reduce. This is because the robots are more accurate and are able to lift heavy loads at ease allowing workers to do lighter jobs such as programming and maintaining the robots.

Since man is to error, the possibility of damaging goods and causing errors is almost inevitable. Robots are however more accurate in their operations and thus reduce the risk of damaging the goods in the process.

3. Save on Space.

Universal Robots  palletizing robot is small and lightweight comprising of two arms and thus require very little space for operation. This saves the company a lot of space that would be occupied by conventional palletizers or even human workers. Space can thus be used to set up more machines or even utilized as a storage area.

Their small size also makes them easily portable thus allowing them to be utilized in different areas in the industry hence result in more production.

4. Save on costs.

Depending on the size f your industry, the number of workers who do the packing of your products and even the palletizing varies. However, since the palletizing robots are way much faster, they are able to greatly reduce the cost that would be incurred in paying the many workers while also reducing the number of worker’s claim for compensation.

Since the robots reduce the number of damaged goods and other small errors of palletizing, the company is able to save more money and thus leads to a reduced price for the product. As a result, you will attract more customers hence gain more profit.

4. Flexibility.

With the development of collaborative robots, palletizing has become much easier. The robots can be easily reprogrammed to perform different tasks and even repeat some tasks. This allows the robots to handle different products irrespective of the material, shape or type. It also allows the robots to handle palletization of different production lines.

Unlike human workers, the robots are also able to multitask and perform more tasks besides palletization including pallet loading and case-packing. The robots are also able to adapt to new production patterns and product changes or even new palletizing equipment. This saves the company the money that would be paid for training the workers.


Palletizing robots offer many more benefits to the industry hence you can be assured of improved productivity and efficiency. This makes it clear that for you to compete in today’s market, then palletizing robots are the way to go!

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