Startups – Why you need a tech focus 


 Why you need a tech focus 

Startups are fragile. Each sale is precious. Each client is a savior. Not to sound too dramatic, but every time a customer so much as clicks “like” on your social media posts, it can be life-changing. 

Tech offers the support you need. For example, have you thought about payment processing solutions? Gone are the days (mostly) of handing over wads of cash. Your customers will brandish their bank cards or phones, hoping to tap to pay. Are you prepared? That’s just the beginning. Let’s look at more reasons to develop your company alongside a tech focus. 

Customers expect tech-led solutions

When you go online to visit the website of a leading brand, what do you expect to find?  A dated-looking homepage that takes more than 30 seconds to load and a series of drop-down navigation menus that don’t seem to contain the answer you were looking for?Absolutely not.

You expect a clean and fast design. You want menus that exactly get to the point. It shouldn’t take any more than three clicks to get to the page you need. And what about advanced tech? Like chatbots? 24-hour customer service chatbots can help your business to look professional and stay ahead of the competition. How? Because if your customer knows they are waiting for a reply, they are less likely to turn to the competition for answers. 

Your customers expect a website that delivers all these things. Without them, you’re not bringing your A-game.

Business growth can’t go ahead with it 

Digital tools for business have advanced significantly in the past few years. If you haven’t yet looked into how you could leverage technology for business growth, your entire business model is stuck in second gear. Here’s why.

Digital tools for business give you the power to spot opportunities in customer trends. Who are the people that form your key demographics? Why are they loyal to your brand? What are the routes they take to engage with your company, and how can you exploit marketing opportunities that make the best use of the channels and platforms proving most rewarding to your business?

If you don’t know the answers, your business growth expectations are nothing more than hopes and wishes that are about as likely to come to fruition as your secret plan to become a celebrity chef. Data drives decisions. Technology changes industries (and leaves anyone unprepared in the dust). Get on board. 

Mergers and acquisitions

A merger or acquisition could save your company from collapse. Sometimes, there may not have been a problem you could have reasonably anticipated. Take the pandemic. Merging with a company that specializes in online sales (where you perhaps specialize in manufacturing), could help save both companies. 

But if your company avoids technology and chooses to remain in the dark ages with everything from outdated devices, old software, and gaps in training, any sensible company would be put off from joining forces with you – the cost of bringing your company up to digital scratch in one fell swoop will be too much. Stay technologically literate. It may just save you. 

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