You May Need To Purchase Separate Cellular Plans For 3rd Gen Apple Watches



You May Need To Purchase Cellular Plans For 3rd Gen Apple Watches

Just a while ago we got to know about the possibilities about LTE Connectivity Options in Third Gen Apple Watches. Now, the updated news is, not only LTE connectivity will be available but, you may also need to purchase a separate Cellular Plan from your Network Carrier to take advantage of that LTE.

According to some reports, Apple is planning to reduce the dependency on iPhones & make their Watches an independent cellular unit. It’s not completely clear though how exactly this process will work. Can you use the same Number on both your iPhone & Apple watch ? We currently have Zero Clues about that. According to Bloomberg News (US), major US Carriers including Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile and many others are planning to sell the device. How it’ll roll in other regions, we don’t really know.

How, we’re going to use this independent Cellular LTE, is also still not clear. But, we are assuming there’ll be an option to connect your Apple Accessories like the AirPods or Beats Headsets via. iCloud. Third party Bluetooh support is still in question however.

So, are you willing to Purchase the third gen Apple Watch & use it’s independent LTE capabilities ? Tell us in the Comments section right below this article  !


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